Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bad wife

So today, as angry as I am at my husband, I am thinking of all the reasons I am a bad wife. It's very hard for me to believe that I need to work to be a better wife when my husband won't even have a conversation with me and doesn't give a crap if we sleep in different rooms or even in different towns.

All of this because I have been reading redbooks: 10 things men find romantic and 8 things men want more of. I guess that after reading that, I must be a terrible wife.

If my husband cared, I would try out some of the things on the list. But it is hard to do anything when I never see him, and when I do see him, he doesn't look at me or talk to me.

Where's that part of the article?


Tina said...

No, no, girl, don't start that! I may not be able to speak from personal married experience...but it sounds to me like you are an awesome wife, who is...ahem...married to a twelve-year-old in a man's body. Please don't take it the wrong way. But you are putting up with things that would have most people calling an attorney without looking back.

dazed said...

good to hear. I need some assurance now and again.

PCinAZ said...

From an "ol married woman" on her 2nd marriage, you are an AWESOME, PATIENT, LOYAL, AND FORGIVING wife!!! Evan needs to grow up and realize what he has before he no longer has it. Guess he decided that getting married gave him a license to become insensitive to your needs. He needs a swift kick in the butt! You don't need any magazine article to tell you how to be a better wife--you already are!

Anonymous said...

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