Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why can't we all wear pajamas to work?

Did I mention I am having a hard time getting up in the morning? I am not sure if it just tired, or laziness or what. My back has been bothering me again (I have arthritis in my lower back) and I haven't been taking my medication (anit-inflammatory) because I don't want to die from it in like 5 years. I take like 1/8 of the doseage so the pain is just tolerable. Last night both dogs slept with me till 4am when I kicked them out. but then I had a hard time getting back to sleep, and I was like Come ON you have 4 hours of sleep left! So I finally got back to sleep and then I didn't want to get UP. I snoozed for over an hour. Every 9 minutes. I actually moved my alarm clock into bed with me and cuddled up around it so that I wouldn't have to reach to shut it off. Isn't that terrible? And then today I wore my pajama shirt to work (slacker) with suit pants. I think it looks fine but I wonder if anyone will notice. He he he. Christmas can not come soon enough! Get me the hell out of this fucking place! I need a break!

I am totally addicted to pajamas. The second I get home, I am ripping off the work clothes to put on pajamas. My favorite winter kind? Pink flannel pajama pants with various matching pink shirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless, tank tops, camisoles. I love them. They have to be pink because I want them to match my slippers, and I have two pair of pink slippers. I usually buy them a size too big, because I like the sleeves to come down over my hands (I am tall with long arms, so arms on shirts are always too short) and I like it when the pants are super baggy and long, so that they don't bind or twist IF i decide to actually wear them to bed. I love that I can take off my slippers and pull my feet up in the chair and have my pajamas go down over my feet to keep them warm, because I hate socks. My favorite summer kind? Chemises and flannel shorts with camisoles or tank tops. I could totally live in pajamas. Check out

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IzzyMom said...

Ahhh yeah! I know the pajama drill well. They're so comfortable and warm. I wore mine all day today until about 5pm when I had to leave and run some errands.

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