Tuesday, December 06, 2005

crank ass

Well, we have determined that no men read my blog, and if they did, I have scared the crap out of them and they will never be back.

How can marraige turn me from one of the guys' best friends into a nagging whining bitching woman? Maybe I hate marraige? Maybe I just didn't know it yet.

Anyway. On to another topic. Except that one has my brain so filled up that I can not think of another.

Except that the contractor guy didn't show up today AGAIN and isn't answering his phone. I am going stir crazy and had to leave home to stop from painting the walls and sealing the floors myself. I can't take all this much longer. I am so close to snapping it scares me. For real.

What I really need is a cigarette and a drink. Unfortunately I have a computer user group meeting tonight. I am really not up to it. I think I will stay at work. I just don't have the patience to be around other people. (yeah, so I will be at work, ha ha)


noskcaj said...

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