Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Close To My Heart Spring 2006 Idea Book!

Today I got my new Spring 2006 Idea Book (catalog) from Close to My Heart. How cool is that? I belong to a club, where like 10 of us purchase $15 a month and take turns being hostess. You can tell that I have almost everything under the sun to scrapbook with, because I found less than 10 things that I marked in the book that I wanted. Not because there was not much to choose from, but because I either have the stamp sets and accessories already, or because I have one or more stamps sets that covers the topic, and really don't need anymore.

But the book was cute, and nothing makes me happier then opening up a fresh book or catalog and creasing the pages over as I start to peruse it. Fabulous. As for the exclusive new "wedding ensemble" that they have, it is very nice, but very generic floral. I hate to tell them, but most modern brides want nothing more than to get away from that generic floral. They want something fresh, funky, new and different. Think outside the box. I think they could have done better. But hey, why not stay on the safe side, right?


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