Thursday, December 08, 2005

Crazy Shit

You know, the "next blog" button that shows up in the top right corner of my blog, that is your ticket to some crazy shit. I would say that about 1 in 15 of the blogs you will see are in English, and written by sane people. Occasionally I like to just click through to see what I come across. I am always excited to find someone normal. Or even better, someone like me, which I almost never find. Sometimes I find the same blog twice. Today I discovered one that was entertaining and logical and it was worth reading. SokoNotes. Then I found one that was strange. The World of Princess Bianca. Then occasionally you see ones with twisted and/or pornographic pictures and you are like WHOA this person is screwed up (beware when following that link). Some that are Too cute- like Santa Baby. Some that are all pictures and no talk, like the Lily Pad. Some that have potential, if it weren't for all the annoying scrolling frames, the smiley faces ;) and the teenage like babble (u rok ppl**!)- like Kiss me baby. Then there's the "new guy" with like 1 post, or maybe two posts, and no color or graphics, like Musings on the Potomac. The ones that give out WAYYYY too much information and probably need to be removed. And the ones that you are DYING to read, but don't understand- like Life is Cheap. And a great blog with all the latest celebrity gossip. The best one I have found is Salicious Gossip and Heresay.


Michelle said...

WTF is up with that blog?!? Definitely "crazy shit"!

dazed said...

I know it! It's wild! Who comes up with those combos??

Anonymous said...

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