Thursday, December 22, 2005

Smackdown with Springer

Ahhh, the jerry springer show. Last night as I was flipping I caught about 10 minutes of it. For some reason it just now dawned on me that Jerry Springer is almost EXACLTY like WWF Wrestling, but instead of big name wrestlers they get free white trash people in the ring. It's ingenious really. It's like the talk show gone wrong, as there isn't much talking. Usually more "bleeping" than talking.

So last night was this 18 year old girl who was "in love" and had met the perfect man. When Jerry asked her how long she had known him, she said "2 months" and the whole crown just groaned. Of course he was sleeping with "the big sister she never had" who was a white trash divorced mom of 3. The two girls go at it, screaming and pulling their hair out and pulling each other's shirts off, and then the guy comes out. Of course, he is a skanky tatooed white guy with a terrible (wannabe black) attitude and slang. The girls are then fighting him, and each other, and all three of them are shirtless before long.

But that's not the part that first made me think of wrestling. No, it was the intro. Jerry comes out in a puff of smoke and lights. They have flames and lightening bolts across the bottom of the screen that announce each person. They throw chairs at each other. The crowd chants and yells and boos. It is EXACTLY like wrestling. Lots of show. Lots of smoke and mirrors. Lightening Bolts. Flames. Girls in skimpy clubbing tops. Love Triangles. Fighting, Arguing, Yelling, and Physical Violence. Bouncers. An Announcer. All Wrestling. Very Very interesting! How come I never put this together before? And I was a WCW/NWO fan. Maybe I was just blinded by the men's soap opera that is wrestling.

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