Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Santa Baby....

Well, I just got done ordering our new year's cards. With so much going on, I am no longer sending out Christmas cards, but new year's cards instead. So if you didn't get one, now you know why.

My sister Liz and I had our picture taken with Santa at the Festival of Trees on Thanksgiving day, my birthday. We just received the picture in the mail. Check it out!

We also took lots of other pictures that day, but they didn't all turn out. I look pale and dead in most of them. I think it was the blinding flash about 1 foot from my face in an otherwise darkened room. Here are also a couple more pics from the festival of trees, one with Mom, Dad, and Liz, and another with all of us outside with some lights. Mom and Dad in the back with Evan, Me, and Liz on the park bench.

They are a little dark, especially the one taken outside. But still cool.


PenneArdICS said...

The Santa pic turned out fantastic! Great idea, the beading project -- I took that up many moons ago myself (lots of fun and economical, depending on the style of beads you choose.) I knew a creative person like you could come up with some fabulous ideas for affordable gifts, but figured time was the biggest factor standing in your way. Looks like your holidays are gonna be merry, after all -- It's a Wonderful Life!

P.S. Tell Liz I'd like to know her secret for keeping fit and fabulous -- I'm still struggling along with my goal, too :P Just waiting for one of my kids to grow up and become a personal trainer so I can hire them to keep me on track and motivated...

I'm still letting Daisy Fuentes send a new set of Winsor Pilates CD's every other month to taunt and goad me into action. I've done 'em all at least once -- better than nothing, but still not enough, even with occasional Netboarding on the treadmill. Let me know if Liz has the magic potion ;) HAND-pda

dazed said...

Liz's secret is that she doesn't like hardly any food. She is an unhealthy eater. LOL. She will eat spaghetti. She will eat Turkey. She will eat mashed potatoes. She will eat cheese. She will eat Bread. She will eat cheeseburgers and fries. She doesn't eat vegetables, or much fruit. She doesn't eat much of anything besides what you see above and buttered noodles. When in school she would eat a snickers and a mountain dew for lunch. When she went to Subway she would get a footlong with bacon and cheese. And that is it. NO veggies. No sauce. She now has graduated to eatig Turkey on her sandwiches. I remember her phase when she was like 3 of only eating hot dogs and only eating them cold. Mom couldn't get her to touch anything else. She has been a picky eater since we were kids. Her whole life. I have been the one who loves almost all food, loves to cook, etc. She's the one who calls mom or me and says "What's for dinner?!" She is just very picky. She doesn't excercise, she works 3rd shift and is usually sleep deprived, trying to fall asleep is hard for her... although some days she can sleep for 12 ot 15 hours straight without a problem.

So really, there's not much of a secret!

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