Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ordered my New Telephone Table

One of my presents from my mom & dad for Christmas was the cash for my telephone table. So today, I ordered the telephone table in dark mission from LL Bean. I am very excited! Supposedly 3-5 business days, so we should see it next week sometime. The best part- FULLY ASSEMBLED! After the last "assemble me" furniture that I bought (white buffet and hutch for the kitchen, and white pantry cabinet) Evan spent hours putting it together and when it was finished, he said "NO MORE FURNITURE THAT NEEDS TO BE ASSEMBLED!!!"

Well I have bought a corner bakers rack since then, but I put that together myself. I am pretty good at assembling furniture, When I lived at home my dad would work with me to assemble things. That reminds me of the time that I was putting together our mission style DVD cabinet and there was basically no way in hell that one person could get the doors on that thing. You had to hold the door in place with two hands, and use your third hand to screw the hinges to the cabinet... and I had to call Lisa and say "can you come over and hold these damn doors for me?" and like a good friend, she came right over.
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