Thursday, December 29, 2005

Microdermabrasion Day 2

Last night was day 2. When I woke up yesterday, after day 1, I had a few small breakouts, but I don't anticipate it was related to the microdermabrasion. I didn't really notice a difference in my skin. Last night after Microdermabrasion I had the feeling of having fresh new tingling skin. It was great. This morning, some of my Day 1 breakouts appear to be on their way out already... and my skin seemed in great condition. It feels soft and I think that my pores are smaller. Makeup goes on easier and has fewer flaws.

May I also note that in combination with the Microdermabrasion, I am using Aveeno skincare products as I always have, but I have cut out the sensitive skin face scrub and replaced it with foaming cleanser, because the microdermabrasion feels like a scrub, I don't want to "overscrub." I also use Aveeno's nightime Ultra Calming Lotion, which I love to death. I apply it at night after micredermabrasion and in the morning before makeup. In the summer I use Ultra Calming lotion (daytime) because it isn't as thick.... but in the winter I have dry skin so I need a litte something more.

Read the details and explanation of what I am going for in my post "Microdermabrasion Day 1" on my December 27th Entry.


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