Sunday, December 11, 2005


Last night I stayed up reading wicked till 10pm, then I watched my Tivo'd episodes of the O.C., Reunion, and Law and Order SVU. Then I watched the pam anderson roast (again) and went to sleep a little after 2am. Today the contractors are back and the new coat or orange is up. I am mystified that it is barely darker than the other coat, but it has to dry yet, so oh well. And I don't think I will make him paint it three times. Plus Evan would kill me if I made him buy another gallon of orange paint. Really we probably didn't need whole gallon. Oh well. If you need some orange paint, you know who to call. Trim is going up today in the dining room, and a couple of pictures and a clock, and then the last coat of polyeurethane on the floor in that room. The contractor will work Monday and Wednesday and then we won't see him again till after he has recovered from Surgery. SO- I am trying to remain calm, cool, and collect- even though I know the trim between the baseboards and the floors won't get installed, and neither will the trim between the walls and ceiling, or the curtain rods, the green blinds, etc. Oh well. Live and learn. Nothing happens like you want it to, especially when you aren't doing it yourself. This is why I hate to be at the mercy of others. I love to be IN CONTROL.

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