Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The bastard on the Couch is about to meet the Bitch in the House.

There are so many variations of blogging. There are moments when I have so much to say at one time that I can't hardly stand it and I type it out so fast and the title gets so goofy and unrelated.... I love those moments. And then there are the times, like today, when I can't even begin to think of something that I would like to blog about, and it ends up being a basic description of what I have done or am doing. It's silly really. I am not a person that lacks words, but sometimes I lack topics.

I recently upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, from Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and let me tell you, I love the added functionality. Especially with fill in forms. And the Stamps (Sign here, etc.) are great!

So today at my "undisclosed place of employment" I cleaned off my desk. For some reason I always accumulate a pile of miscellaneous papers and books in the upper righthand corner of my desk. I think it's because every time I eat or drink or work on a project, I need to clear a space so things just keep getting shoved and stacked into that corner. Silly, I know.

So once my desk was clean I felt much better today. I have changed my hours so that I go to work 1.5 hours earlier each day and therefore leave 1.5 hours earlier. It hasn't been too bad. I have been forcing myself to bed early. Sunday night I went to bed at 11pm so that I could be awake at 7am. And Evan woke me up at 3:30am. So last night after work, and cleaning dog kennels, eating supper, and taking a milk bath, I started to read and fell asleep at 7:20pm. Then I woke up at 9pm, 12:30am, 2:56am, 4:30am, and 6:58am.... before the alarm went off at 7am. Ick. Nothing like a solid night's sleep, huh? Whatever. But I have made it by 8:15 both days, which isn't too bad. Especially considering I usually worked at 9:30.

So I am still reading the book The Bitch in the House (described in detail in this post) and I really love it. I have seen the new book "the bastard on the couch" which is a spinoff... and I assume that I may read that one too. I dunno. It is edited by the husband of Cathy Hanauer, who edited The Bitch in the House. It is supposedly a story about the men's side of the exact same situation.... and I find it interesting that it discusses "Why men lie and always will." and that makes me angry, considering how much I appreciate honesty and despise that men find it "ok" to lie just because they can. (are you reading this husband of mine? Doubtful. He never ever reads my blog.) How rude. That in itself makes me want nothing to do with the book.

Do they have any idea that their lying is what MAKES them untrustable, and makes us think of them as the bastard on the couch. Ugh.

I guess the only real reason I want to boycott this book today is because Evan (evil husband of mine) spent his night away from home (are you reading this John? I am blaming you! How would Amy feel if you didn't come home till 3am all the time? EXACTLY. That is why you are at home and Evan comes to you.... now that doesn't hardly seem fair, does it?) and he came back at god only knows what time, and slept in the spare bedroom because he (smartly) didn't want to wake me up again. And also that he hasn't taken the garbages out in exactly 9 days and they are all overflowing all over the floor, and he didn't put together the office chair that he has been promising to do since SUNDAY and it is now TUESDAY and there is laundry everywhere, which he also isn't helping with.... and then he puts the DIRTY dishes on TOP of the clean dishes which are lying on a towel drying in the kitchen. ARGH! So today he is the bastard on the couch. And he got a honey-do list this morning and if it isn't done I will be going Bitch in the House on him tonight. If he were a really smart hsuband, he could read my blog and heed the warnings, but since he likely doesn't even know it exists, through his fog of dungeons and dragons and playstation games and internet useage.... I am safe to rant all I want here.

But ya'll know I'd do it anyway. That's my nature. Just like men lie "because they can."


PenneArdICS said...

Looks like the honeymoon is already over :( Okay, where are the wedding and reception photos? I finally surfed over and they're nowhere to be found! The Vancouver photographer you chose is absolutely incredible, so I can imagine what he must have captured of you two on a rock island in summertime :)

I hear loads of frustration (sad to learn that wedded bliss didn't last as long as you had hoped.) Gotta admit I get knots in my stomach just reading what you have planned if DH doesn't meet all the necessities on the list. I can imagine both of you are just as tense *understatement* about the whole situation and definitely not looking forward to the end of the day... gotta be a better way.

Have you considered looking into NVC at all? This one's been a challenge for us, but I'm happy to report that we've made a great deal of progress around here (mine's not a liar, by any definition, though he isn't always completely upfront with me and I'm sure that's a direct result of the conflicts between us.) I've also been very hard on him in the past because of misunderstandings, and vice versa,and we keep discovering new baggage in the most unexpected places.

Anyway, just planned to pop in and see the sites, but had to leave a little note of encouragement behind after reading today's post.

Take care, Amiga, and...
Vaya con Dios

dazed said...

Hi Penne!

Good to hear from you after what appears to be a long time on both our ends!

Wedding pictures are located at www.dazed81.com

Just click on PICTURES on the left and then scroll down to see the PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOS listed and click on that link.

Things are actually going quite well- except that this week my husband has decided to go back to "slacker" and I am feeling the stress with the house all tore up!

Don't believe everything you read. Ha ha.


PenneArdICS said...

Hola ~ I looked all over the Picture Page again, and finally went back to "Our Wedding" -- don't know how I missed it! Oh, oh, oh, oh... what a gorgeous day it was. How did you ever find that location and that photographer long distance?! That really changes the mood around the old blog -- maybe you and Evan could go through the album tonite before you look over the checklist (I'm hearing Paul Anka singing, "The Times of Your Life" ;) Took me back to the big engagement day; you guys look so ecstatic to be officially tying the knot. You know I'm a flower child/daisy fan of the Sixties, so the theme was right up my alley.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me back to the website so I could flip through the album and see what there is to see. The news on the reception wasn't updated, so I thought perhaps you & Evan were still hanging around on Cloud Nine together and the website was on hold for the duration... then I caught today's rant :P and figured that was the last straw with all the remodeling.

Hope things get back to "normal" soon (except for the slacker part.) I think I've found the perfect wedding gift for you two: a set of his and her giraffe and jackal puppets (visual aids really help to break the tension; you can decide who's who ;) I may have told you that after we started practicing NVC, DH took to placing his thumb on his nose (two fingers up in the "I love you" sign for horns) and imitating a rhino whenever he charged in on the scene the old-fashioned way. It was good for a few laughs, and we all got a clear view at how often we jump in with both horns blazing. Hey, they'll make a nice baby gift from "Aunt" Penne someday, anyway (if they don't frighten the pups ;)

Glad to find you happy (for the most part) and well and hitched now. Give my best to Evan and the menagerie :)

PA, aka Ma to

PenneArdICS said...

...the Crew :P

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