Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Freak Occurances in Illinois

Things are STRANGE. Very strange. Firstly, in Illinois we had sNoW last night, but in southern illinois we had tornadoes. The collission of warm weather from the south and cold weather from Canada caused Snow in one part of the state, and tornadoes in another.

Then this morning, as I am reapeatedly snoozing my alarm and wishing to return to sweet slumber, I feel a tap on my shoulder and am like WHAT and I look up and Evan is standing there, plate in hand, and says "your breakfast is ready." What the heck is going on here? I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole.

So I had breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs with ham and onions, buttered toast with Mickey Mouse's face on it, and sausage. And bottled water. He even brought me a drink. AND he had the heater running in the bathroom to warm it up for me. Hmmmm..... what do you suppse is up with that?

It was a nice way to wake up, I have to admit.

We watched the news in bed with the dogs, and I got ready for work.

Today it is snowing (although not sticking) and it is strange to see my flowers finally dying outside (especially in my container plantings) and the leaves on the ground crusted with snow and sleet.

Today my good friend Jackson sent me a link that said Cindy Sheehan is planning a thanksgiving anti-war protest camping outside President Bush's Texas Ranch. New laws have been passed that prevent roadside camping, so the protestors are all expected to get arrested. I think some time in jail would probably do her some good. (see my previous Cindy post, if you want to know all my feelings.)

I watched Earl Last night, I love it. My favorite was the wedding cake that was tiered cake plates, and like Martha places cupcakes on the plates, they used Hostess Snacks, like Hostess Cupcakes, Twinkies, and white powdered donuts. It cracked me up. And then the whole liquor store registry. It's just too much. And when Crabman's kid decides to be potty trained, and earl is stuck in the bathroom with him, and he says "Old Daddy, Are you there?" It cracks me up. And I LOVED the scene with Joy getting pretty for her wedding in the park shelter bathroom, blowing the hand drier into her hair to get the 80's wings, and talking about sweating like a whore in church (with no offense to the whore that's in the room with her, because she don't go to church.) Plus when Crabman's sister comes in and squeezes Joy to her chest and Joy says "calm down tanisha, your gettin boob glitter all over my face." Priceless. Just priceless. Click Here To see a clip of last night's episode "I gotta fix Joy's wedding." See Earl's whole List here.

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PenneArdICS said...

Breakfast in bed?! Twenty years of marriage and that one's never happened that I can recall. I see a giraffe in there... hang in, Amiga!

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