Monday, November 21, 2005

Chicago, Chicago.....

This is going to be a long post. I spent the weekend staying with my friend Angela (curly hair on the right in the photostrip) in Woodridge. She took me to Buffalo wildwings on Friday night, then to her workplace for a grand tour. On Saturday we went to The container store (Contain yourself!) and then to IKEA. I was overwhelmed with things to organize and decorate. I made some very nice purchases that will go well in the redecorated house.

Saturday night we drove into the city, to Logan square to Pete’s place. At Pete’s we had a few drinks and some appetizers, and we met his neighbors. We had a nice time, they were so fun! It was amazing because they had been roomates at college with a guy Angie and I went to high school with. And Kara’s parents had just purchased land outside of Walnut. Crazy. So then we went via the L to Feast on Damen Avenue for dinner. In true Chicago Style, our reservations were for 9:15 and we had to wait till after 10 to get our table, but we had drinks and talked about crashing bikes, etc…. so it was okay. Angela and I had fusilli pasta dishes and Pete had fish, I believe halibut. We had a bottle of wine and THREE desserts, Cappachino chip sorbet, Black Raspberry sorbet, and Pumpkin Cheesecake, that we all split. It was a great time.

Then we spent the rest of the night (till 2:20am) at the bar that must remain unnamed. After a walk to the 7-11 for cash for a cab, we found that the only ATM was Out of service, so we ended up buying something so we could get cash back. We bought Cigarettes, the people issue with Matthew McConahey as the sexiest man alive (about time someone other than me figured it out) and then a 5 cent piece of bazooka gum. We went to Pete’s until about 3:30am and then Tried to keep our eyes open on the drive home.

Sunday we didn’t get up till 12:30. Then we tried to track down massages but the place only had 30 minute massages for $60, which I thought was too much. We called all the massage places in the yellow pages, but they were either busy or not open, one place in Wheaton had openings, but kind of too many openings. We decided to do a drive by and it was in a TINY little house with another business and we saw no cars and all the blinds were shut tightly. There was a man on the roof. We just didn’t get a good vibe, so we went to Naperville for Lunch at NOODLES (Yum. We need one here!) and then shopped at Two Boston’s, a FABULOUS doggie boutique, and then to Barnes and Noble.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend in Chicago - I've never been there but would love to go someday!

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