Monday, November 21, 2005

A new twist in blogs....

I love Grey's Anatomy. I happened to stumble across something that I found kind of disturbing. The show has "blogs" for certain characters. Not for the actors that play the characters, but for the actual Characters. Like Joe from the Emerald City Bar and Nurse Debbie from Seattle Grace Hospital.

Two bits of irony here. First, if nurse debbie did really work at SGH, she would be restricted by the hospital's policies and would not be allowed to mention the following in her blog: Her place of employment, or the name of her employer. The name of her co-workers or bosses, anything that may be considered "hospital operations," and no patient information. And how about her mention of Dr. Yang as a patient? Dr. Yang has as much right to privacy as any patient, even is she is a doctor and a hospital employee. HIPAA would consider that a huge breach of patient confidentiality.

So what do you think about the fact that there are blogs out there written by characters? Are there more of these that I don't know about? Does Mickey Mouse blog? Does he link to Winnie the Pooh's Blog? How about Godzilla, and maybe King Kong?
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