Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Penne- today the puppets came! I was excited! They are SOOOO Cute!~ I can see these coming in handy. I need to read the little book that came with and I will be set! Thanks so much! I will keep you posted!

and Tina! I got the trivet! Ohh La la! It's beautiful! Now if I can just get my paws on a dining room table.... The dining room is coming along... The walls are mudded and taped and when they get all the coats on them they will primer them and then pull up the old carpet to sand the floors. And Tina, I totally need your prague address! How am I to send you a thank you card in Colorado? He he.

Thanks ladies, for making my morning! I usually only go to the Post Office like once or maybe twice a week and my PO Box was overflowing!


Tina said...


PenneArdICS said...

Double Yay! but I'm disappointed they misspelled your name on the shipping label, Meagan. I even double-checked that the order-taker guy had it written down correctly over the phone, but when the invoice came, there it was without the 'a'... Megan :P I hope they didn't put a duplicate of the receipt in the package!

Was Evan surprised that one of your nutty PC sisters sent you wild animals in the mail?! Hope the pups (or Evan, for that matter) don't start feeling territorial with 'em ;)

Yes, lemme know what you think about the "everything's-coming-up-daisies" book. Last summer I could not get the Beatles out of my head, and started picking through "We Can Work It Out" on my guitar. A month or two later, I found the booklet of the same name at CNVC. Déjà vu...

Whatever you do, have fun with it! Really breaks up the tension in an argument when you start talking through a puppet ;) If they don't happen to be handy in the heat of the moment, here's a tip from The Compassionate Classroom:

Hands on head, palms forward=jackal (low down, limited vision, territorial) blaming the outside world; Hands on head, palms backward=jackal blaming self

Hands on heart, palms forward=giraffe (tall, broad vision, largest heart of any land animal) empathizing with the other person's pain; Hands on heart, palms backward=giraffe empathizing with your own pain

Hand signalling "I love you" with your thumb on your nose=rhino charging in for the kill (DH made that one up ;) LOL (Twenty-one years and we're both still alive to tell the tale -- here's to finding the "happily ever after" in married life together! :)

Sending rays of warmth & sunshine your way,
Penne & the Crew

P.S. The P.O. won't give you permission to place a mailbox next to the other one with or without your neighbor's permission? Both the shoulder of the road and the boxes are supposed to be government property! Maybe a little giraffe will get 'em to cooperate and ease your neighbor's pain... (can't hurt to try, eh?)

We have cluster boxes in our new neighborhood (first time we haven't had a box at the end of the driveway,) and I especially like the fact that there are additional boxes for larger packages (all with locks) and my mail is safe from vandals (lost a whole box of uninsured books to the boys in the 'hood back in LA years ago because the carrier decided to rubberband it to the lid instead of bringing it to the door :P) I can check it at my leisure now :) HAND-pda

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