Thursday, November 17, 2005

Scary MVA Dream.....

Today, I have tons I could blog about. Wow! I will start with my dream last night. It was strange and mildly disturbing. I was on my way to work on Rt 6 between Wyanet and Princeton, and I was following a semi with a hopper bottom, he was hauling gravel or sand. We were going like 50, there was a guy in front of us on a motorcycle. He was going slow. But he was screwing off. Every time the semi would get an opportunity to pass, the guy would weave into the other lane, or pop a wheelie, or something stupid. The semi kept having to get back behind the motorcycle. For some reason I had the feeling that the motorcycle guy might be Mike Judge Junior, because he has never apparently learned his lesson about how NOT to ride a motorcycle or four wheeler, and I have been behind him or been passed by him many times and watched him pop a wheelie and ride it for a while, or turn right in front of me without his turn signal on. But anyway, I could see that this was not a good situation, so I started to back off the semi, like WAY off. Then I see him get an opportunity to pass, he got almost halfway around the motorcycle, and the motorcycle swerved in front of the semi. The semi driver slammed on his brakes, as did I, and then his trailer slid to the left, off the side of the road. He tried to correct and next thing you know, his trailer is off the righthand side. Now it was hilly, more like we were between route 40 and Wyanet, but I know I was on my way to Princeton. So there were deep deep ditches on each side, like dropoffs, and the fields were hilly along the road. I could see that he was out of control, and that there was a damn good chance he wasn’t going to be able to correct the situation. I just backed way off so that I was almost to a stop, and a good distance away from the semi, and when the trailer left the road on the left one last time, it started to roll down the embankment and into the field. Now of course in my dream it was extremely exxagerated, it rolled and flew much farther than a loaded semi would in real life, but during the rolling I saw thr driver be thrown from the vehicle and by how far he was thrown through the air, I was sure he was dead. So of course I pull over and call 911 as I see the motorcyclist drive away like nothing happened. I got out of the car but I had a feeling that whatever happened with the wreck, not only did I not want to see, but It was probably dangerous, with the possibility of fire or explosion, and it wasn’t even 5 seconds when there were cars pulling over from everywhere. They were all getting out and standing in the road and blocking traffic. Pretty soon all of route six was blocked with standing people. None of them were witnesses, but when the police showed up, they were all trying to shout at the police and I couldn’t get their attention to tell them that I was a real witness and that I knew what happened and they needed to get the motorcycle guy. No matter who I talked to, they weren’t listening and if you know me, you know that I want everything NOW and I am not a patient person. That’s my downfall. So I kept waiting around and waiting around and I was like HELLO! TALK TO ME! I SAW IT! I NEED TO GO TO WORK! And suddenly they were selling concessions and there were politicians around and like the sheriff was there chatting with Bill Rosenow (mayor of sheffield) and it got all confusing. What a strange dream, eh? I remembered it twice this morning, once while putting on mascara and again when being stuck behind a semi on the way to work. What in the hell do you suppose brought on that dream??
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