Monday, November 28, 2005

Fender Benders and Dirt Floors

Well, today was a super productive day. That explains how tired I am tonight! I went to the bank this morning, then to work. I worked very diligently on the website. I decided that I want to get it published as soon as possible. Maybe then they will realize my potential?

Then I went to the dog kennels, and we cleaned, and then as I was leaving it was raining. I ran to my car and never really looked around. When I backed out, I was watching the line of fence posts on the edge of the parking lot, just next to my car, going very slowly as to not hit one. I couldn't see out the back window becuase it was covered in raindrops and the side mirrors were the same way, and the orangey glow of the one light on the building was causing a bad reflection. I was thinking, "please don't let me hit those metal posts" when BAM! I ran smack into the car of a lady who had parked right behind me. Parking was slim because they were having a meeting so she had parked me in, and in my hurry to get to my car I never even looked. I felt so stupid. When I looked at her car there was hardly any damage, and mine was fine. I went inside and got her, and showed her what had happened. We called the police, and I got my friend steph's dad on the scene, he laughed at me and said it didn't look bad at all and the damage was not enough to warrant the police report. But I did want him as a witness to the damage, just in case. So I felt thoroughly stupid, but hey shit happens, and how often do you expect someone to park RIGHT behind you?

Then I went to Evan's grandma's and picked up an Ice cream cake she had bought us for our Birthdays. I had to cram it in the upstairs freezer since the big freezer is broken.

When I got home, I brought in my stuff, and the dogs, and saw that during the day SOMEONE (aka the grinches) had knocked over an entire flower box on the front porch, and dumped dirt (lots of it) into the dog's bowl, all over the floor, all over the dog's stuffed toys, and in the dog's water. And left it there. You have GOT to love men. They have NO follow through. At all. For example, the garbages that didn't get taken out on Sunday night, didn't get taken out all day today, despite the GIANT note in red marker. And the lid was left off the dog treats- AGAIN. Hey, why not make $3.00 of dog treats stale? Why not invite mice into the house?

Then, my favorite show, CSI Miami, was barely on tonight because channel 4 was crap, even through cable, and I could only hear every 4 words they said, and could only see about 30 minutes of it, on and off. CRAPOLA!

So I am watching Malcolm in the Middle reruns and then I am going to sleep. What a freaking day!

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