Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Times are Desperate....

So they always have these contests, :which housewife are you: and I am thinking to myself.... Which Housewife AM I? Well, I sometimes wish I were Bree, first of all she has her shit together and she is beautiful, but then I realize she has the whole cold appearance (although she isn't cold) and She rarely lets down her hair and is wild (except when under the influnce, thanks to George last week.) But I realize that I am more Lynette than anyone. Surrounded by laundry and dishes and demands, love my job but also overwhelmed. Creative and able to make anything work out, even in a pinch, and I can see myself as her even more when I become a mom. Then I have a friend who is more of a Bree than I am, her house is always SPOTLESS and she makes supper every night, but then again she doesn't do much for others (not that she is selfish), no volunteer work, etc. Then I have ANOTHER Friend who is Susan OVER and OVER again. Poor Me, Poor you, Poor us. If she put her whining into work, she would be unstoppable. I don't think I know an Edie.... at least not one that is my friend. Edie is usually the girl that is excluded from my circle of friends. And as far as Gabrielle.... Don't think I know one of those either. But I don't exactly live on Wisteria Lane, so there aren't many spolied rich women in expensive sports cars driving along in Wyanet. In Princeton, Maybe, But not in Wyanet. Have you ever noticed just how BEAUTIFUL Felicity Huffman (Lynette) is? They always mess her up for her roll on the show, but I tell you, at awards shows and in promotional photos, she is drop dead gorgeous. More so than any otherhousewife, in my opinion. But I have never been a huge fan of Teri Hatcher, and while Eva Longoria is exotic and beautiful, and of course sizzlin hot, she isn't that unexpected gorgeous that Felicity Huffman is. Although I have to say that Marcia Cross has beaufitul hair and her face is like porcelain! She's like looking at a doll! I saw her on Conan O'Brian one night a while back, in the green dress, and I was so shocked at how wonderful she is in person (or at least not in character, I mean) But overall Felicity is my choice for hottest housewife, and it's not just because she's Lynette- who I relate to the most. It also helps that she hasn't been plastered all over the cover of Maxim and FHM like Nicolette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, and Eva Longoria. Plus her list of credits is substantial and impressive, especially with her theatre experience.

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