Thursday, November 10, 2005

Floors are Patterned! Check it out!

Interesting. A Spider on a Spider. I found this yesterday morning as I let the dogs outside. This (for those of you who are blind or just confused) is a halloween spider that has a real spider attached. It must be love. Can you imagine being a real spider and finding a giant sexy spider just sitting there? Wow. It must have been love at first sight.

Yesterday, they tore up the carpet in the living room and dining room. The biggest road block is that there is GLUE under the carpet, stuck right to the hardwood floors, which we did not have in any other rooms, not even in the bedroom, which had the exact same carpet. So they are using a solvent to remove the glue and then they will sand. What a mess. But I am glad to see the carpet gone and pleased to see that this floor is patterned! Neat! There are wider planks running North and South in a square in the center of each room. Probably 3" wide planks (as in the front porch floor.) Then there are the smaller 1.5 or 2" planks (as in the rest of the house) that go in a pattern AROUND the big square of the center of the room. So the smaller planks run in a Square around the Larger planks, and meet in the corners in a mitered fashion. So each room has it's own "square," and the two squares touch together in the center where the pillars and built in cabinets are. Very cool. So I am very excited about finding something new and different. Photos below show the dogs helping me to showcase the glue covered floors. in the SECOND photo, if you look closely (through the glue!), On Hadley's RIGHT is the 3" wide planks, running horizontally, and on the left, is the narrower planks running VERTICALLY. It's pretty cool. Of course we believe that since the square of wider planks is in the center of the room, they may have done that to save money, assuming that you would always have an area rug in the center of the room, and therefore it would always LOOK like the whole floor was the smaller slats, but when you think about it, they just created more work for themselves by having to make the mitered corners and having to run it different directions. So I am not entirely sure they weren't trying their hand at art. At any rate, I will believe they were being crafty, because that's how it makes me feel. If they are different types of wood, the polyurethane will probably stain the two planks slightly different colors, which would be kinda neat, or not. Either way I am thrilled!

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