Thursday, November 03, 2005

Finally a Good Night's Sleep!

Sleep. Finally. I am really really curious as to which if the following factors caused me to sleep like a baby from 11pm until 5am, and then to go right back to sleep until just before 7am.
  • A toasty Tuscany Turkey Sandwich from Monical's Pizza for supper
  • A shopping trip that made me all sleepy and possessionally fulfilled
  • The adjustment at the Chiropracter where she had to crack each place twice because I was all tense and messed up.
  • The two glasses of white wine I drank by the fire at the Pheonix Inn
  • Sheer Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Likely a combination of the 5, wouldn't you say?

So today the dogs go to the groomers and I go to work. Last night I did about 100 thousand things, Evan washed dog beds at the laundromat, I went to the Chiropracter, to Monicals to supper with Pete and Evan, then to Peru on a top secret mission which also yielded a new pair of VS undies for my sister, a cute pink "Naughty or Nice" Drawstring bag for me, three pair of earrings, jeans and shirt for Evan, a new Orange Columbia sweatshirt for me, a blanket for the twin bed in the baby room, and a wine cabinet for the dining room, and also a set of coasters to set the twin bed legs on to protect the hardwood floors. Then I went to the laundromat to check the dog beds, to John and Amy's to rouse the husband back to responsibility, and to the Pheonix for wine by the bonfire. Then home, unload the car, put on the pajamas, let the dogs out, and fall fast asleep. So all of these things occurred between 5pm and 11pm. Typical Night of mine. Who was that who said fat people are lazy? Whatever. I guess I am chunky because all of that involved food and wine. And because as much as I move about, I despise structured excercise and LOVE food. See previous post. And Shopping must not qualify as excercise?


Tina said...

Wait, the BABY room? Is there something you aren't telling us??

dazed said...

no. ha ha. I will let you in on the knowledge.

We are remodeling the house. We plan on having kids soon (maybe we will try next year) so when we remodeled, we had to pick out paint and stuff for the spare bedroom. Knowing that it would next be a baby room, it seemed silly to paint it all one color scheme and match all the bedding to that color scheme, only to replace it in one year. So I picked out the color scheme that I wanted and we went from there.

I am one of those people who gathers things ahead of time. Before I moved into my own place I had every kitchen item and bedding and towels, so when we moved out, it made it much easier on the pocketbook. So I have already gathered LOTS of baby stuff, either new or from auctions/garage sales. I bought about 40 avent naturally bottles from an auction for $5. I also got an exersaucer that is LIKE NEW with the book and tags for $15, and an Eddie Bauer Pack N Play, like new with the tags, for $60. That was like 2 years ago and we just store it in the attic. Now I also have the antique bassinet that was my mom's when she was a baby and mine and my sisters when we were babies. I also got the entire nursery set (crib bumper, pillows, sheets, dust ruffle, mobile) on Ebay, for less than 1/4 what it originally cost. It was a Pottery Barn set called "blue dog" and it has since been discontinued and is in high demand. So basically I gather baby things that have puppy dogs - because the baby room is decorated in a sunny yellow and an apple green - with a blue sky ceiling and we painted clouds on the ceiling- and then the room is puppy dogs. I will have to take some pictures and show you!

Most people think I am strange. But I love to be prepared and spread the cost of something over several years time instead of a few months. That's how I am able to have a fabulous room!

:) Meagan

Tina said...

It sounds very cute! I don't plan on having children so I just have to live vicariously through other people ;).

dazed said...

if you get bored, let me know. I probably know enough people that would be okay with shipping small children to Prague for some "quality time" away from home.

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