Sunday, November 27, 2005

Delightfully WICKED!

I am just going to throw a few tidbits out there before bedtime.

1. I am SOOOO angry at Grey's anatomy for what they let Alex do to Issy. It makes me furious.

2. My dog thinks it is funny to carry a dead mouse inside, hiding it in his mouth, and placing it sneakily on his bed. Oh well, I guess it could have been on MY bed.

3. Husband did not take the garbage out AGAIN and if it is still in the house when I get up in the morning I am dumping it on his head, dead mouse in plastic bag included.

4. I hate laundry. I have 16 loads done, 7 loads to go, no chance in hell I will get there.

5. I love ice cream, especially the new nestle vanilla that comes in a blue tub with a snap on lid so that it doesn't get all crystallized in the freezer. I ate mine tonight over blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. About time someone cared enough to seal my ice cream.

6. I shopped. Too much. On Saturday night. It felt SOOOOOO good but now I am SOOOOOO broke. Only have three people left for Christmas and then I am DONE!

7. Wicked the book is delightfully wicked. You MUST read this book. Forget Broadway. There is no way that this book is accurately portrayed on Broadway. It must be read and appreciated first.

8. Long nap this afternoon was awesome. Then I fixed a computer problem for Brad and Anya. Now I need sleep.

9. Looking to be a busy week, with Dog Shelter on Monday night, supper with mom to celebrate Evan's birthday on Tuesday night, Evan's birthday on Wednesday, and the Sears Freezer repair man coming on Wednesday.... I will really deserve the pedicure that I get on Saturday (*girls at work gave it to me as a birthday present!)

10. It's hell to get old. For the first time in my life, I only received 6 birthday cards. This is lacking compared to previous years, and I felt a distinct depression this year as an old woman. Maybe it was also encouraged by being unable to relax in my own house because it is all tore up, and knowing that the remodeling is behind schedule and we won't have a place to put a Christmas Tree. HOW CAN CHRISTMAS COME WITHOUT THE TREE?!?!?!?

God help us all. At least I am doing better off than the neighbor whose garage burned at 4:30am on Saturday, and than the people on Extreme makeover who have stage 4 cancer. Must stay positive. Lack of furniture and a christmas tree are MINOR details. But they sure can piss me off!

From this day forward, I will look at the contractors as grinches in disguise. Sneakily slithering my Christmas (tree included) out from under me in an attempt to ruin Christmas. I must get the who-mentality and remember that Christmas is not about decorations and presents. In the spirit of things, I went to the Website and got my who-name.... "Magnificant Meagan Jimeroo-Who" and Evan's is "Electrifying Evan Jimeroo-Who" (note that we have the same who-surname) And just to take it WAYYYYY over the top, I checked our the name of the who-canines, and Hadley is "Heckling Hadley Hula-hoo-Who" and Boyd is "Beekeeper Boyd Ballyhoo-Who" although I am positive that he hates bees. So go get your who name and keep things in the spirit of the holiday season. No matter who your grinch is...


Michelle said...

Mellifluous Michelle Lizziloo-Who is here!

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