Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Breathe. Smile. Breathe. Smile. Breathe. Smile.


At a standstill.

Worker attending multiple doctor visits in iowa city.

Floors- half sanded.

Walls-plastered and sanded.

Trim in Garage, not finished.

Left to do…. All by December 15th:
Sand living room floor.
Stain center square of living room and dining room floors.
Polyeurethane floors- 2 coats in each room with 1 day in between each coat for drying
Total of probably 8 days to polyeurethane. Must do one
room at a time or there will be no way to get in the house.
Primer Walls and Ceiling.
Paint walls and ceiling.
Put all Trim back up, must fit just so.
Touch up trim, last coat of stain and stain all doors and built in cupboards/pillars
Pick out paint color for trim between walls and ceiling.
Paint that Trim
Install that Trim
Hang all pictures etc.
Hang Curtain rods and Mini-Blinds.
Run Cable Coaxes and Phone
Move Few pieces of furniture that we have back in.

If they work every single weekday from Next Monday on, that gives them 12 days in which to complete all of the above. Do you think that will happen? I don’t. I really don’t think that will happen. If it does happen, there is a likely chance that it will be half-assed and shitty work in order to get it done in time. Which will royally piss me off because these are the two most important and most seen rooms in the house. They are the rooms that I have spent TONS of time picking out new colors, a new paint scheme, and new art for the walls. This will make me very very angry. I am trying to not let all of these thoughts ruin my holiday season and my birthday.

Other things that I am trying not to be cranky about? The fact that I haven't parked in my garage since July. I have rolls of old carpet in my driveway. There are always half drank bottles of pop/cappachino/water in the house, on the window sills, on the scaffolding, etc. There is a giant red trailer taking up a heavy portion of our driveway. I can't park anywhere near the door without the workers parking me in, because you know they need to park closer to my house than me. It must be a rule. I can't walk around in my underwear because there are people there, and even when there aren't people there, there are no blinds or curtains. Oh and we haven't had lights in the main part of our house since the beginning of October. But these are all just parts of remodeling I guess.

Breathe. Smile. Breathe. Smile.


Jackson said...

it will get done you have to have faith, I am sure it will all work out in the end...but just in case good luck

dazed said...

ha ha. yeah, just in case my ass.
you are so silly. I love it.

Michelle said...

*sending hugs your way* can't imagine what you are going through but I'm sure it isn't fun stuff :o(

Anonymous said...

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