Friday, November 18, 2005

Beautiful Buddhist floating lanterns

I really enjoyed today's "week in pictures" on MSN. I had several favorites... but I really enjoyed the Buddhists releasing floating lanterns. First of all, it was beautiful. Secondly, I have always been fascinated by Buddism, especially the idea of Karma. Thirdly, It left me full of questions. Like "how do the lanterns float?" and "Isn't that a fire hazard? What happens when they land and start a fire??" Now I need to do internet research about all these questions. If you know the answers, or as intrigued as me, please post! I am dying to discuss the floating lanterns.

Then I found the coolest website, what other religion (besides southern baptists miraculously healing people for large sums of money) is so technologically advanced? I picture a monk sitting on the floor in teh middle of a huge empty shrine, wearing his robes with a laptop on his lap.

MORE INFORMATION (UPDATE) The lanterns are called Kohm Loy and operate like a mini hot air balloon. For more information on the festival, the lanterns, and their construction, visit

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