Friday, November 11, 2005

Translations by Wife.

Today I could really choke Evan. at 8:07 I am all dressed, getting ready to leave the house. I have been awake an hour. I was TRYING to be at work at 8am, but it is 8:07 and I still need to go to the bank first.

I am in the bathroom, Evan, who has been asleep and is in his boxer shorts with every intention of going BACK to sleep, is standing next to me and he says "Aren't you going to do something about the dogs?" translation, you do all the work so I can go back to bed. What he really was saying to me.... "You go outside and stuff their hairy dog beds into their houses with your good black pants on, because I was supposed to do it last Saturday and haven't done it yet, even though I haven't worked more than 10 hours all this week and have slept till noon each day, and you have worked 40, plus you've had two meetings and installed a friend's computer. "

SO what I really said to him "No. I am not going to do something with the dogs"
and he said "Like you don't do anything with the dogs any morning" (translation by wife, "the dogs have stayed in the house on the porch all week because I am too lazy to step foot outside and put their dog beds in their houses like I was supposed to do last Saturday, and if you would just do it for me, like you do everything else around here, that would be great because then I could go back to bed.")

So I responded with "When you start getting up at 7am and going to work at 8am just like me, I will take the dogs outside when I leave for work."


Tina said...

Okay. Now you're making me very glad to be single.

PenneArdICS said...

Sounds like a jackal dialogue to me -- guess Evan wasn't interested in a little reading material during his free time, eh? Guess it's up to you and your little giraffe friend. If that comes across as a wimpy approach, consider this:

"When we use force, blame and self-righteousness instead [of empathy], even if we manage to create the outcome we want in the short run, we distance ourselves from those whose actions we want to change. Success
in the short run does not lead to the transformation we so wish for,
neither in ourselves nor in those we are trying to change." - No
Enemies, No Demands
by Miki Kashtan

Hey, the jackal approach doesn't seem to be working for either of you -- what have you got to lose?! Hang in, Amiga ~ Penne

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