Friday, November 11, 2005

renovation progress!

Last night I went into the basement, and for the first time in 5 years, I dug out the swinging door that we believed went between the kitchen and dining room originally. It had been in the basement for a LONGGGGG time, like since the carpet was put in the house, and we had brown shag, so it was likely down there for about 20-30 years. I was worried that It would be water damaged and warped.... I was told we could put it up but the original hardware that was in the floor was gone, although the top pin in the doorway was still there. We could find a different set of hardware for the door but it wouldn't be original and it would mean drilling all new holes in the floor as the hardware wouldn't match up to the old holes. So I was estatic to find, when I pulled the door out, that it was in fine shape, not warped, and that the original hardware had been wired to the door and was still functioning! Yippee! I was so excited. I can't even describe! So today while I was at work, the original swinging door was re-installed between the kitchen and dining room. It's going to take some getting used to, but it really has it's pluses, and it looks FABULOUS! It swings and it props open, and it has CLASS. So tonight I wiped it down of all the cobwebs and dust and I just stood there looking at it and swinging it for a while. I would practice walking through it and then I would try to see if the dogs would push it open. I opened the door for Boyd, and after he walked through, I swung it shut after him and said "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." It's great. It will keep the dogs out of the kitchen when we are cooking, and keep the dog hair levels lower in there. I also like the fact that if your kitchen is messy, you just shut the door! And hey, at Thanksgiving, my biggest pet peeve is trying to cook and having 5 people standing in my little kitchen, so maybe the door will keep them all in the dining room while I cook. Usually mom and I are the only ones that need to be in the kitchen finishing up with rolls and gravy and putting things into serving dishes, especially since all the wine and appetizers and plates, silverware, and forks are already IN the other room. So The door is exciting. I could swing through it all night. What a great way to spend a friday evening! It isn't even 6pm, but since it has already been dark here for like THREE HOURS it seems SOOO much later! oh well. I should take pictures of the door, eh? They also used solvent on the floors today and got a good space scraped free of glue. Soon we will see sanding and primer coats on the walls!



Janice said...

The door sounds great! Congrats on getting it installed.

But why did you have to mention food again!

Reading your blog is making me hungry!

Later Janice~

Anonymous said...

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