Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's Gone. I've Completely Lost it.

How to tell you've lost your mind? Well, Last night I picked up my cell phone to call Evan. And Anya answered. I dialed Anya's cell phone instead of Evan's. What a nightmare. Then I at least got to find out that Anya is having a girl (her sonogram visit was yesterday.)

Then today, trying to call my own house, my DAD answers, and turns out I called my OLD house (as in 5 years ago old) and My dad said "You're getting old" and I said "You and me both" and he said "Not me, I'm not old."

Why is my brain betraying me?

Then I got a reminder on my work calendar today that we had a computer user group meeting tonight, which I totally forgot and did not prepare for. Which means I had an 8 page newsletter to do that I hadn't even started- AGAIN!

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