Monday, November 07, 2005

My Car needs USB ports

My car runs on a computer. But let me tell you, it is short one thing- USB ports.
I would KILL to run my ipod through my car. KILL! Of course I have a shuffle, and while I see that sells GM harnesses for iPod's, I have yet to determine if they make one for the shuffle. Santa Baby, I'd like my iPod in my car too- Thank You!

And how cool would it be if my car had a monitor so I could check email and sync it with my Sony Clie? I would be driving and thinking, and I would totally be like "Car, please check my schedule for Saturday December 5th" and Car would say "certainly meagan." and then respond with my schedule. I would then say "car, please email my mother and ask her to schedule a time for baking Christmas Cookies." Car would say "okay." Then 5 minutes later, Car would say "I have scheduled you for an 11am cookie bake. I have taken the liberty of entering this into your calendar and syncing it with your Clie. Would you also like me to send this through Plaxo to your outlook calendar?" and I would say "thanks car, What would I do without you!" and pat the steering wheel lovingly.

We are SOOOOO Behind on the times. My car is totally capable of all that. What are we waiting for? I mean we had it all figured out in the 70's with the Jetson's and Mork and Mindy and Star Wars, but we still don't HAVE it in real life? Whatever. It needs to be MAINSTREAM AFFORDABLE by now. Good Lord!

:) meagan, and car too. (he typed this as I dictated it, Isn't he smart! Wouldn't you buy a car that could blog for you?)

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