Friday, November 04, 2005

Top Secret Project Launches Today!

It's so much fun to have a secret! Evan and I have a top secret project that we execute today! I can't tell what it IS here becuase it is meant to be a surprise for bunches of people. He he he. And I don't want them to decipher it. It is so hard not to blog about it, because I am dying to put it in as an Adventure in Everyday Life.... however I am totally not going to spill the beans!

It all starts at 11am. We have done preparation work this week, and essentially since the beginning Of October. he he he. I want to laugh my evil secretive laugh and press my fingertips together menacingly. Although the project is in no way menacing. It's just the fun of the secret.

Today there is a cool "shopping day" (exact name which I may not reveal, lest it give away my place of employment, and end up like the Queen of the Sky) at my "undisclosed place of work" and I purchased 4 small "undisclosed items" which I will use to decorate for an "undisclosed holiday" which is dear to the hearts of those small and tall.

I slept really well last night, once again, only awaking around 4am to get a drink and make a bathroom stop.


Tina said...

Ooooooooooo, intriguing! Can you tell me in private? E-mail me!! It's not like there's any danger that I'll tell someone!

Michelle L said...

Ok ... it's way after 11am now, pleeeze tell us! The anxiety is killing me! LOL

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