Friday, November 25, 2005

Freezer crapped out.

Nothing is worse than when an appliance craps out. Except when you discover a freezer with $$ of food that has been defrosted and is beginning to get stinky. Luckily I decided to go down to the freezer today and get some ground beef... When I opened the door (chest style deep freezer) It was dripping water. Icky. Everything in it was soft and squishy and the bottom was filled with bloody water. All the meat (ham, hamburger, italian beef, roasts, cornish hens, fish, chicken breasts) was thawed and squishy. The bags of flour that I store in the freezer were soaked with meat drippings.

Evan got rid of everything while I called Sears. The freezer is luckily under warranty. It's a Kenmore model, and I have always had the best of luck with Kenmore... I won't buy anything else, especially not Amana/Whirlpool. We had a washing machine that was 5 years old that took a dump, and I was so freaking mad at Amana I could have stomped over there and strangled them (figuratively of course)

We have a Kenmore Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher, Deep Freezer, and now a new Kenmore Washing machine.... I am super loyal to Sears when it comes to appliances, I learned that early on from my dad, and have stuck with it ever since. He is a craftsman man, through and through, and all my parents appliances have been Kenmore.

So, Sears has to charge us $65 to come over and determine what is wrong, and if it is in fact warranty work, we will get that $65 refunded. It was purchased in 2001 and it has a 5 year warranty on the free-on system and 10 year on the compressor... so hopefully everything will be fine. Evan wants to test it over the weekend, when it is empty, and see if it will freeze again. I am going to go down and put a thermometer inside.

Cross your fingers that we get this fixed under warranty and can restock our freezer. I don't suppose there is any way to recoup the cost of all the meat and food that went bad?



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