Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Does Love always make you want to choke someone?

Today I am contacting my insurance company over backing into that lady. I am also calling the cell phone company because husband thought it would be fun to join a $9.99/month ringtone club that auto-renews, and also to begin using the internet on the phone, which means that we get charged for each use, and our bill was $45 higher than normal, $35 of his internet useage charges. So I had to turn the internet OFF on both of our phones, which means no more sending picture messages (for either of us, it's true what they say about one person ruining the fun for everyone), to prevent this from happening again. Plus I cancelled his ringtone club, because we just can't afford crap like that, and do we REALLY need five new ringtones each month? I think not. What we really need is power and water and a few groceries now and then. It all adds up. But only the person trying to shuffle bills around to get them paid notices that.

Of course then I have been on hold with the cell phone company for over 10 minutes now to get to the billing department (Cingular.) But she was very nice once I got to her, and she did apologize about the wait.

Tonight we are eating supper with my mom to celebrate Evan's birthday, and we are also watching John and Amethyst's dog, a king charles cavalier spaniel- named Lord Tzinch (Tazinch? sorry I can't spell that!) I can totally see Hadley dragging him around the house. It should be fun.


PCinAZ lurker said...

I thought Evan was already "choked" after your post last Friday! Hope everything is OK.

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