Saturday, November 05, 2005

I love being organized. Unfortunately, my posessions love to be unorganized

The asian beetles have begun their infiltration. My mom would snarl at me if she read this post, her entire house has been surrounded for months. You can't open the door without letting 15 thousand more inside to join those creeping in through cracks between the walls and ceilings. She vacuums up thousands each day. Now I, am very lucky. They sit around outside but rarely get inside, except in the attic. Now today, I saw one sitting on the ledge under the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I just looked at him and walked away. Whatever. Between the dust and lack of organization here, what's one asian beetle?

This weekend I have a goal. Organization. I love being organized. Unfortunately, my posessions love to be unorganized. It's a constant battle. I am afraid to sleep because I know they will cause havoc overnight. Books and papers climb into toppling stacks, clothing slips off the hangers and tangles into an orgy of mis-matched colors and fabrics. Slippers split up and relocate themselves under seperate beds in seperate rooms. It's a nightmare. All while I peacefully sleep.

I still have not figured how the dirty dishes will leap clear out of the dishwasher and onto the counters in precarious piles but the clean dishes are content to sit in the dishwasher for DAYS and have no drive which which to propel themselves in the cupboards in neat stacks. At least once every two weeks, I have a sit down talk with my posessions. I explain that my cleaning people will be here on Monday and I PLEAD with them to stay where I put them and resist the temptation to cause mayhem before then. I bribe them by promising them of the dusting and polishing they will get on Monday and explain that if they don't stay where I put them, there will be NO CHANCE of them getting the love and affection they deserve.

So today, Saturday, I woke up like clockwork at 7:30am. Is this what is it like to get old? Ugh. I unloaded the dishwasher, I reloaded the dishwasher, I changed loads of laundry, I freshly made the spare bed in the "baby room" (see photo at left), I just recently got new soft lime/apple green sheets and a fleecy blanket to match, and they go perfectly with the green paint and the green roman shades. I put the new "coasters" under the wheels of the bed frame to protect the floor and then I made up the bed. All I wanted to do was lie down on it. But Instead, I decided to blog. Next trick to tackle- the OFFICE. There is only approximately one square inch of desk that is visible (see photo below right.) I see a scanner that needs installed, sitting about halfway up a stack of books and papers and magazines to file in folders or in the out box (trash can) and I also see a vent cover and some misc screws (remodeling is grand) and what looks to be a new firewire cable to connect the Mini DV camcorder to the computer.

I have had the camcorder for about two or three years and me, the IT person, has yet to successfully get the computer to recognize it. Thumbs down to Panasonic, for charging me $17 for a "computer connectivity kit" and then sending me a SERIAL CABLE (for god's sake) and GET THIS!!!! a Floppy Disk! Yes! 3.5 floppy with my software. WTF? Advanced technology? I think not~ How about a USB or Firewire cable and a CD! Good Grief Charlie Brown!

So, as I attack posessions that are unruly and have a mind of their own. Please send me all the good karma you can muster. I am going to need it!

P.S. Yesterday's Top Secret Mission- Accomplished. Look for the revealing around December 26th. I will try to keep my evil laugh in check until then.

P.P.S. Remodeling currently has me at wit's end. It is INCREDIBLY annoying to have the main rooms of your house empty and dirty, and to have no furniture to eat at or sit on. The only place to sit is in the office, at my vanity table, or on one of the two beds. We have more furniture outside! This is annoying. I can't wait for this to be over. Then we must stand on the street corner and beg for money for our dining room table. See above- the photo of what the dining room/living room look like today, and below, photos of what is has been looking like in the past few weeks.

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Tina said...

Oh, you have cleaning people...I am so, so envious...

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