Tuesday, November 22, 2005

words strung together in nonsense paragraphs

Ever run across one of those blogs, or a person’s website, where they string nonsense words together and claim that they are poetry or art?

I think even I can accomplish art at their level. Let me try.

The orange sky stomps your lions name between the leaves and water kills her gift.

Or how about….

Feet on the ledge swim over the crisp papers of my mind, bringing despair to dinner.

Or we could get REALLY crazy…..

Microwaves drive snickers through my spotted heart. The pitcher burns each switch with a click.

WTF? THAT is ART? That sounds more like drugs and bad english to me! Grammer on Grass. That’s what they should call it.

Let’s see if we can randomly find examples from the web…..

Oh, this person appears to have written a whole book of what sound like drug induced ranblings of unrelated or poorly or overly descriptive words run together. Fun fun. For everyone.


ginger said...

Okay, lemme try!!!

The eyelashes of my thoughts fly on the winds of your mind.


dazed said...

see! YOU are a fabulously talented artist!

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

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