Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Here's Your Chance to Kiss Me!

So the workplace officially leaked out the first Christmas Carol (overhead "music") last week.
Today we are in full holiday swing, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
The Workplace is Pimping the Holiday Season Already.

Well, If they are going to pimp Christmas. I am going to pimp the Mistletoe. I am posting my mistletoe early this year to see how many people would kiss me. So if you like to send me a mistletoe kiss in the spirit of the holiday season, leave a comment below. Every single year I hang up Mistletoe at my house. ONCE in 5 years my husband has kissed me under it. What a slacker. talk about un-romantic. I think my breath is okay. I am one of those obsessed teeth brushers, anywhere from 3-6 times a day I brush my teeth. I have toothbrush and toothpaste at work and at home. So please, feel free to kiss me and prove to husband that what a girl wants is a little something to blush about now and then, even if she is married.

Neglected wife

P.S. Kisses from Girls welcome. (that's hot)


dazed said...

Husband must be winning. I am unkissable. How tragic!

Michelle said...

MMMMMMMUUUUAHHHHHHH!! Many smoochies to you!

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