Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jennifer Aniston is GQ's first ever woman of the year...

In an effort to spread culture into the brain of my husband, last year I bought him a gift subscription. All I ever see on the magazine racks at our house are magazines like Playboy, (and other much dirtier mags) and things like Maxim, FHM, and Playstation Magazine, Alternative press, etc. His mo bought him Wired, and we both read that, but I get really really tired of Maxim's silliness, like "How to outrun a bear" and "how to tie a tourniquet." How about How to do laundry and how to do dishes. And the stupidest article I have seen by maxim so far is "500 things women don't want you to know." 80% of which were either lies, thoughts of stupid whores, or ideas inside some man's head of what a woman PROBABLY is thinking. And we ALL know what that means. WRONG again.

So of course there were the usual complaints of the culture seeping from GQ. You know, men in expensive suits, advice on dress shoes, gadgets that the average (married) man will never afford or have approved by his wife, and the Articles, usually read by smart intellectual types. Oh and Did I mention well dressed men in peacoats and scarves? Where were the unshaven guys glued to the playstation in faded black metal band t-shirts with holes in the armpits? My point exactly. You are 26 this year, how abouts we act like it, eh?

So anyway, I always check out the GQ thing, and the new issue has Jennifer Aniston listed as the first ever GQ woman of the year. Tastefully topless, bikini clad, or wearing a mini skirt, her interview, her photo shoot, and SHE in general- is wonderful. She is so much better than skanky bad dye job Brad Pitt Deserves, and you can just already tell she is flourishing without him. Let him go squish himself onto Angelina for a while. Maybe next he can creep us out with scientology while jumping on a couch like Tom Cruise- who has, I believe, lost all respect and even loads of his fans. Poor Katie Holmes. Being taken advantage of by the older guy who should know better. How about you actually marry her, you loser.

The "man of the year" that I was horrifically shocked by- Kevin Federline. The interview with him portrayed him exactly as the masses see him. A slacker. Is it possible to feel SORRY for Britney Spears? Yep.
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