Monday, November 07, 2005

Scrapbooking, Eating at the Dutch Diner, and FINALLY getting the house clean(er)

Sunday is over and Monday has begun! I did finally get everything (or almost everything) done on Sunday. The house was clean for the majority, and there are just a few loose ends I will have to tie up today at 1pm when I return home from work to have the cable guy figure out why our internet connectivity is intermittent and slow like dial up. If I can get a page to load, I am okay, but if I try to proceed or load another page, I run into issues. I Have some stoneware to wash, a big box in the kitchen that needs to disappear, and a couple of things on the floor in the office that I can stash on a bed. Otherwise all is ready. I even found the scrapbook table and the computer desk. Mostly. The spare bedroom still has some issues - such as two boxes of clothes which need to be put back into drawers and onto hangers. But I can live with that.

Tonight is kennel cleaning night. I will have to work later since I will have to leave work for three hours to meet the cable guy. Then I would also like to go home and make supper and balance the checkbook and then I guess do some laundry. Then tomorrow night I have a stamping gathering to attend in Sheffield.

I am wondering how soon my recent "Stampin Up" Purchases will arrive. I am anxiously awaiting two of the stamp sets I ordered, one to make a card, and another to work on my wedding scrapbook- Actually to make the spa day pages to be exact. I also have the need to get some Newspaper Spray because I want to put my wedding announcement pages together as well. But first I need to spray the cutouts to make them acid safe. I placed a HUGE Order- Sponge daubers, pumpkin kalidascope ink pad (spectrum of colors), three or four stamp sets, lots of paper, and I can't wait for it all to arrive. It's time for me to be seriously working on my wedding album. I just need to take a deep breath and break it down into small sections. There are over 1000 pictures, so I am not sure how many I am actually going to scrapbook, but a 2-4 page spread for each event is sure to be enough to get the "picture" across. Ha ha. No pun intended.

Evan and I went out to eat at the Dutch Diner in Tampico on Saturday night with my parents. That is such a great place. The people are friendly and the food is great. We all had chicken dutch, except dad, who had Shrimp. The waitress was terrible.... first she got ran into by a kid and came about 6 inches from dumping a whole tray of water glasses down Evan's back. She forgot silverware, rolls, ketchup, drinks.... You name it, she forgot it. But the food was good, and we know the place, so we knew we just got a flaky waitress. Not too big of a deal.

My "scrappin group" just scheduled two new classes upcoming, a "bag book" class and a "10 tag" class. I signed up for both of them. If anyone out there in my area wants to go.... let me know and you can ride along. Classes are located at the home of Jessie Ross outside of Dover.


Tina said...

Sure, sign me up ;).

You are so industrious! I'd consider it a productive day if I accomplished one-fourth of the things you mentioned!

Tina said...

By the way.

I'm putting in a request.

Tell us the story of you and Evan.

You were...what...sixteen when you met? HOLY. LORD.

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