Monday, November 14, 2005

Excuses Aside....

I feel skinnier just thinking about excercising. Really. Well, at least I did before lunch. But when Cari and I ate Subway followed up with Pumpkin Pie Blizzards, that thinner feeling went away. It was replaced by a cozy "let's take a nice nap under a warm blanket" feeling. And the strangest thing about Subway is that when I leave there, I smell like their bread and onions the rest of the day. SO much for the fresh smell of Shampoo and perfume. Oh well. So if you feel hungry when you hang out with me, that's probably why.

Mom is going to let me borrow her treadmill, when we get the living and dining room done. Since we wil have almost NO furniture in the two rooms (A lamp, two recliners, and the Entertainment Stand) I will probably position the treadmill in the dining room looking at the TV. My goal is to watch TV and walk, as opposed to sitting on my behind. I keep wanting to go back to the metro center, but I have a few hitches in that plan.

First. I don't like gyms. At all. I don't like the other people there with their noses in the air, I don't like other people sweating on the equipment or the girl next to me who is a size two and runs on the treadmill for two hours while I get tired after walking 30 minutes. I dislike their parking lot where you have to walk through the cold to get to the door (hElLo! I am going there to EXCERCISE... do I really need to WALK across a huge parking lot in the cold to get inside?) I also dislike the locker rooms, changing in them, and all that. I mean, I didn't like Locker rooms in Junior high. In High School they didn't bother me because I was totally stacked and I had pretty bras and underwear and My tummy was flat and my legs were awesome and I didn't have anything to hide, in fact, quite the opposite. And I was with people I knew and loved... But now.... I don't want to be undressing in front of people I don't know, or even worse, people I know and don't like (like the size 2 from the treadmill.)

Plus I can't do it in the morning, because I would have to get cleaned up, showered and ready to go to work from the gym, and I can't even go for a weekend without a HUGE bag of goodies, and I don't need to be hauling luggage to the gym.... and I DON'T want to drive back home after the gym and then BACK to town to go to work. And if I did it at night I would have a window of about 3 weeknights when I didn't have to do something already after work, and I would have to skip supper and miss my house, my family, and my dogs. Not worth it to me. Is there any wonder that I don't like the gym?

I keep telling myself that with a treadmill at my house, I will have no excuse. Check back with me in 1 month to see what excuses I have come up with. My friend Cari says that I will love how many clothes I can hang on the treadmill. ha ha ha.

I have GOT to get skinny again. I can't buy more pants. I need to stay in the ones that I have. I watch TV and there are so many skinny people just zipping up their jeans normally that it makes me sad. I am tired of lying on the bed to button them and following up with squats and lunges to stretch them out. Ugh. I am tired of feeling guilty for eating stuffed crust pizza and pumpkin pie blizzards, and I am tired of gaining 50 pounds since I moved to in with Evan. Ick!

So I asked the husband if his parents have a spare equipment mat that we could borrow, or if I should buy one. His parents practically have a gym at their house. They are very weight conscious and excercise alot. I suppose that we look like fat people to them. I bet they can't begin to understand. Oh well. What do you do? Not everyone loves excercise. I have heard on the internet lately that fat is the new fad and that fat people will begin taking over as they are the majority. So bye bye skinny people, we are moving in!


Janice said...

Hi Dazed,

I was a member of a gymn for a while. And yeah just like you were discribing; mz size 2 there with her nose in the air, and she can't bare to look in MY direction.

Just wait til she has kids! We'll see if she can still fit in that size!

Subway dose make some more diet friendly food if your up for it?

Later Janice~

PenneArdICS said...

DH gave me the gift of wireless internet and there's a perfect spot for my laptop on the bar next to the treadmill in the TV room -- beauty of it is that you don't have to worry about turning the TV up over the sound of your pacing, but it is a little tricky to maintain your balance ;) As we all know, time flies when you're surfing! I'm ready to patent the Netboard now ;)

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