Monday, December 01, 2008

Let it Snow!

The past two days have really flown by. I haven't GONE anywhere, but It just seems like before we know it, it's dark outside and the day seems over. Although we are up for about 7 hours after dark, it's still like "It's dark outside!?"

Yesterday Evan was sleeping off a rough night. He stayed horizontal most of the day but I did make lunch and we ordered pizza for supper for his birthday.

Ardyn and I did busy things around the house, she really played in her room alot, and watched TV with daddy since he was on the couch. I spent lots and lots of time online researching newborn diapers and covers, and how many of each I would need, and tracking down mammas selling used ones that I would be interested in. My stash is pretty decent, but I just don't have enough. You are supposed to plan for about 20 diapers a day with a new baby (especially breastfed ones who poo after each meal) and about 10 covers. Well, I had perhaps 24 diapers, but only 5 covers, and that would barely get me through one day. And as fun as it sounds, I don't want to do laundry every day and have to be worrying about what the baby will wear while his diapers are being washed- especially while sleep deprived with a child hooked to my boob every 2 hours. So I have tracked down some more.

There were lots of great black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and I scored two brand new newborn mutts for WAY cheap, and then have lined up a bunch of used gear... including 5 more XS Thirsties Diaper Covers, 2 Bum Genius All-In-Ones (AIO's) in XS, 1 pair of Newborn Charcoal Wool Longies, 2 newborn Mutts in yellow and green, and I am waiting on hearing back on 7 XS Sandy's Fitteds and 4 Newborn Prowrap Classic Diaper Covers. I also have lined up two super cute diaper sets, Newborn fitteds with matching shirts... one in a duck print and one with sheep. Very cute and very tiny, perfect for the first few days in the hospital and at home.

I have been debating for a long time about doing cloth in the hospital or just sticking to disposables. I have heard lots of moms talk about how they use sposies for the first week, until the meconium is gone and the circumcision is healed. But other moms say the meconium never stained for them, or they just used a liner. One mom also made an excellent point. She said that she had more time to learn and practice diapering her newborn in the hospital, then she did when she got home and had other things to tend to and other older children, and not as much help. Now to me, THAT Makes a lot of sense. My mom says that she doesn't think it's a good idea to use cloth right when we get home because I am going to be tired and not want to wash them. And while I can understand that, I will have Ardyn's to wash, and the newborn washing is a cinch since all the diapers don't need rinsed and dumped like they do with a toddler. I am really digging the idea of practicing in the hospital. I remember being tired in the hospital, but I also remember having time on my hands and just wanting to be with the baby as much as possible. I am thinking what's the big deal, you just take a wetbag to put your dirties in and take them home. Not a big deal. When you get home you dump them in the wash and go. Evan is even capable of washing diapers with a little direction and no rinsing required. So people may think I am crazy, and i may still change my mind, but I think that cloth in the hospital is an okay way to go. I also learned to grab some cheap fleece fabric (which I have in the sewing room already) and cut some little diaper liners to protect the cloth dipes from vaseline from the circumcision. So that's on my list as well.

A stupid county plow just went by and scared the shit out of me. He had his plow up and then must have misjudged and rammed it down really hard onto the asphalt. It was so loud and the whole house vibrated and I seriously thought something slammed into the garage or something exploded. It was insane. Ardyn is napping and I took off towards her room (where the noise came from) and tried to look outside and eventually was able to see the plow down the road a ways. Jackass. That's the bad thing about living on a busy road. I can't believe Ardyn slept through that. But then again she has a little heater on in her room right now because it's so freaking COLD in there. Damn windows. I ended up calling the window company again today and this time I called the salesman's cell phone directly. No more messing with the general manager and installer. We have left three messages in the past two weeks and not gotten a single callback from them. We are SO Frustrated right now. It's snowing and blowing and we don't have plastic on the windows because they promised they would be installing new ones by now. People sure can piss me off.

We were hoping to go see Santa, but it's nasty cold and blowing snow... and it's supposed to do more raining and snowing and we are supposed to have 1-3 more inches by the end of the week and it's supposed to be continually nasty and cold. So unless Daddy decides to take us both some night, I see us staying home for the most part. But Ardyn will need more milk very shortly, so We may have to go out. Unless I get someone to come over and stay with her for a while and I head to get a few things myself. I prefer to go during the day though, when it's light out and it's not as cold.

Today Ardyn and I got outside and played in the snow. She had tons of "I've fallen and I cant get up" moments, but she never cried and was totally into the snow thing. She tasted some off her mitten and tried writing in it. She loved riding in her plastic sled and watching the dogs play in the snow and come over to sniff her. The camera battery went dead a little bit after we got outside, so I have some good pics, but none of her with the dogs or on the sled. We had all of her gear on, which we got for $13 at a local kids resale shop. That included coat, snowbibs, boots, hat, and mittens. Great deal!

Yesterday I got all of her presents wrapped, with the exception of the GIGANTIC one which we will assemble but not wrap. It was fun except that I can't find the tape dispenser, so I was peeling it off the refill roll by hand and it isn't eas to hold your paper in place and unroll tape and cut it with your teeth. LOL.

Ardyn has been playing with the doctor kit that Evan and I got at the resale shop the other day. She is all about putting the plastic bandaids (that work like bracelets) onto the arms and legs of a stuffed dog. It's too cute. She thinks it's hysterical when she pulls the bandaid off and I make a sound like she's ripping off the band-aid. And the kid has only had a bandaid once in her life, and that was when she got her last shots and bloodwork for lead testing, and she had three of them. This Friday we have our 15 month shots, and so I am considering letting her take the doctor kit and dog with to the doctor's office, so she can play with the bandaids like she will get. We always try to take something that will entertain her as we wait quite a while. Last time we took dog wrapped like a mummy for Halloween.

Well, I can't think of much else to say. It's time to switch laundry, and Ardyn is awake now and playing doctor again, so everyone else have a great Monday night. Tomorrow is story hour at the library but if the weather is like this I don't think we will be venturing out. Unless we have some SERIOUS cabin fever by then!

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Michelle said...

I love your pictures - always so colorful, everything is always in place, perfect. Thanks for keeping us all entertained with your daily adventures! I hope for some of that snow in our town soon. It seems to keep dumping an hour north of us but just dusting here.

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