Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuff. Not really exciting, just stuff.

Today really HAS been a busy day. Last night I was winding down for bed and it turned into cleaning my closet (which I hadn't done since about right when I was getting ready to go back to work and packed away all my maternity clothes and pared down my "non-pregnant" wardrobe after losing 50 pounds from breastfeeding. Well, I cleaned the closet and didn't get to bed till around 2am. Okay. 2:30.

Today The 5 KL0's that I was expecting came in the mail, and I was SEVERELY disappointed. They were CRUNCHY. and I mean so crunchy that I wouldn't put them on Ardyn, let along a new baby's butt. I soaked them for an hour in Oxyboost and washed them in hot with Charlie's and Oxyboost, and I am hoping that they will dry up fluffier and be useable... otherwords, there was $35 down the drain. The price was really good, and I guess now I know why. I kinda feel like I got taken, because the mamma said nothing about them being so crunchy. I have 6 new and 6 used KL0's already, and they are still nice and soft. The tags on these diapers don't show much washwear at all, so I can't figure out why they are SO crunchy. Unless she bleached them or used some type of bad soap on them.

Today I picked up the house (again, thank you toddler whirlwind) and made Ardyn and I lunch. This evening we took down all the mini blinds, roller shades, roman shades, and curtains. This SHOULD be the very last day of our old windows. I took some pictures of the old before they are gone. My biggest fear is that the installers will crack out woodwork headpieces (which are original woodwork) when trying to remove them.

I decided to put my living room curtains in the wash (and discovered that they are DRY CLEAN) and I washed them anyway. I hate that unnecessary dry clean crap. We will see how they turn out. Costs almost as much to dry clean them as to buy new curtains (especially when you buy Curtains at Target or Penney's.) The bedroom and dining room curtains were washed fairly recently, so that leaves the bathroom and kitchen, which are in the wash right now. I am also washing the cover to Ardyn's high chair (which says surface washable only) but the underside is too gross for me so it's in the wash now. We just switched today from her Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair to the First Years High Chair/Booster. Even though I love the Space Saver, it sits up really high, and the arms make it impossible to get it up to the table. Because she isn't using a tray anymore, that is a REALLY annoying feature, so we got the hand-me-down high chair out and it works great. It's low enough to go under the table and high enough for her to reach her plate well. Her belly fits right up against the table. We will just put the other one in the attic until there is a new baby to use it. (P.S. The cover to the space saver high chair washed just fine in the washing machine. It's nice and clean and just like new now.)

I am NOT looking forward to getting up at 8 tomorrow to ship Ardyn off to Grandma's while the window installers are here. But it needs to happen. So we will get up at 8.

I also found an online rebate for the Cricut Expression machine. You get two free cartridges (My Community and Printing 101) for just $7.95 shipping and processing. Totally awesome. I am really lucky that someone emailed me that! YAY!

Ardyn said "cook" tonight when I asked her if we should cook supper. It's a simple enough word, she just hadn't found the occasion to use it before I guess. So we started ourselves the gourmet cuisine that we both ADORE. Fish Sticks and tater tots. I LOVE tater tots. They are like one of my favorite foods. Yum-o. My mom always breaks out how many calories are in each tater tot and I always laugh and tell her that I need calories to grow babies. Yum. I try to limit the fish stick/chicken nugget/tater tot thing to once a week... but If I could I would eat them several times a week. One other thing I have wanted lately is velveeta shells and cheese. But we are out. And I have to eat it while Ardyn is asleep because the tasty cheese beckons her. Can you blame her?

It's strange to sit here in a wide open house with no curtains or blinds. Really strange. It feels like we just moved in or something.

My mom group (online) has had some really awesome crafty ideas posted lately, and I have filed them accordingly. After Christmas I hope to break out a few new things. I am hoping to make my own Christmas Pajamas this weekend, since Ardyn and Evan's are all done already. I get to be last. LOL. The pants will be okay (I still wear non-maternity lounge pants and organic cotton pants all the time) but I am a little worried about the length of the shirt, and may have to alter it to allow for belly room and height in the front. This may require more concentration than I am capable of with Ardyn on my lap or pulling my pant leg, so I am going to try to do the shirt FIRST and get that done for sure this weekend. Although I dread doing the shirt first. Oh well.

Here are the photos of the "Pucker Up" and "Yucky" Shirts that I embroidered- just finished the carrot yesterday.
Pucker Up and Yucky Onesies

I listed all of my girly pocket diapers and covers in size small... I want to sell them so that I can get some GN things and some things that we will use more of (Goodmamas! lol) Pics of what I have for sale are on Flickr. You can see the listings at diaperswappers or email me if you have any interest.

I also tried to "fix" the KL0's and they looked great coming out of the wash, and I was drying them, went to get them out, and they were nice and fluffy (okay, not really, just not as crunchy) but they are now a tinge of BLUE because I dried them right after the load of jeans! Doh! That has never happened before! Oh well, I will get them white again with another soak, someday.

Okay, time to do something like clean the kitchen. Ack.

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