Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One minute till Christmas Eve!

Right now it is exactly one minute until Christmas Eve! Yeeee! I can't believe it!

Lots going on today, but then, not so much. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Today was Ardyn's first ever Dentist Visit. She absolutely LOVED the Dentist, and all of his assistants and office staff. She had some plaque buildup on her bottom teeth near the gumline.... we wanted to make sure it wasn't a problem and the Pediatrician recommended that we take her to a dentist. We brush twice a day, but it's still there. Dentist says it's completely normal, and we chatted about things like future dental visits, cleanings, and fluoride. Quite a great time actually. Ardyn love it there and was the center of attention. She thought it was great and didn't want to leave! Plus IT WAS FREE because my dentist is THAT awesome and didn't really have to DO anything except peek into her mouth. He asked that I bring her with me to each of my cleaning appointments (I go twice a year) and that they would count her teeth and make her feel comfortable at the dentist. They loved her and I was so happy that she was a good girl and that she was so comfortable there.

The weather was kinda icky, snowing on and off, but about 28 degrees, so actually warm considering it has been hovering around 0 with the -20 windchills. It was already blowing this morning, and we are supposed to be expecting 6-10 inches here in the next 24-48 hours. After we went to the dentist, we ran to evil Wal-Mart (which I have almost completely boycotted) and got a package of sposies (diapers) to have on hand (in case we get snowed in somewhere away from home) and also our stash of rice milk for another week. Ardyn and I ate McDonald's and then came home for her nap. This afternoon I did laundry and watched Wall-E, which I loved.

Tonight I spent most of the night packing up things. I started with our "emergency supplies box" that included all of Ardyn's snow clothes, boots, long johns, etc. It also has the sposie diapers and wipes, extra juice and rice milk, laundry detergent specifically for the diapers, Ardyn's peanut butter (actually sun butter), Dairy-free snacks like cinnamon mini-bagels and instant plain oatmeal, her doggie flashlight (in case of a power outage... it is her lifeline), Two blankets for the car, and our home and car cell phone chargers. This will go in Evan's Explorer and we will take it with in case we get stranded somewhere. It's all about planning.

I also have Ardyn's bag packed with the exception of her diapers (which I STILL Have to wash tomorrow) and her coat and stuffed animals as "dog" is in the washing machine with her coat and Stweart the Seahorse is in bed with her. I have her Christmas Eve outfit laid out, and my bag is also packed with the exception of one pair of pants that are in the dryer.

Evan is on his own. Ha.

I have camera and camcorders packed with fresh DVD's and three empty camera cards, as well as the chargers for both camera and camcorder. I had Evan sit down tonight and make sure that the disks we thought were empty, are actually empty, as we had problems with that recently. I do hate that the mini DVD's are only 30 minutes long. So we have two ready to go, and that gives us 1 hour of present opening and that's it. Not much when you have two christmas's to go and about a bazillion people unwrapping. But we will probably focus on just Ardyn.... that should make it in an hour. I hope.

Ardyn did some cool things today. She became attached to My Little Ponies (which are the current McDonald's Happy Meal "Girl toy" and spent hours brushing their hair tonight. She has two, and I remembered that I have two older ones that came from McDonald's in ziplocs in the sewing room. I tracked them down and she brushed and brushed all night. I stashed some in her bag to grandma's and one in her little black purse for Christmas Eve, with it's hairbrush.

I also got out a stuffed "Blue" from Blue's Clues. I have had it for years, got it and Magenta on clearance a long long time ago. She has really gotten into Blues Clues lately. When I handed her Blue, she inspected his paws, looked at me, pointed at the bottom of his paw that has a "pawprint" and said "A CLUE, A CLUE!" Holy crap. I was so shocked. I expect her to come out and say things that we have discussed, but she and I have never talked about the paw being a clue, or about the clues on the show. We sing the mail song and things like that.... but never have mentioned that. I am just so amazed at her little brain at work. She had never said the word "clue" before, not even once, so to hear her form that perfect little sentence, just like on the show, just blew my mind. I have pictures on Facebook of her at that "clue" moment, and might get them on Flickr after the holidays. Check them out here:
Meagan Johnson's Facebook profile

I am becoming a facebook addict. It's seriously happening. Wanna be my friend? LOL.

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