Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Ready...

I am supposed to be cleaning the computer desk. I have about 1/3 cleaned (okay 1/4) and I started thinking about how I haven't blogged today. So here I am.

I broke down. I joined Facebook. I have to say I am incredibly impressed. I generally despise networking sites (MySpace: The devil's playground) but this seems to be (at first glances) a more adult and responsible place to hang out. I have found some family on there, and a few friends, especially lots of friends from my mom group. It's difficult to me, because I already do enough online stuff. I have limited most of my activity to my Mom group and my blog, and uploads to Flickr photos and Google Videos. I was really hesitant to add anything else, especially if it was going to be a bunch of underage-glitter-wearing-home-wreckers. But so far so good. I am really enjoying it.

I am working on doing laundry and washing diapers, and getting all of our clothes clean for Christmas gatherings. I have little outfit stacks all laid out for what Ardyn and I are going to wear to each gathering, so that somehow those matching socks or that white shirt doesn't get worn before it's supposed to.

I decided to clean the desk because I couldn't find my list (go figure) of things I wanted to pack up for our Christmas Excursions, which I had written on a notecard one night at my mom's house. That's why I like my notes on my computer in outlook, so I can sync them to my phone and have them in two places. I guess if I was smart I would have made that list in my phone instead of on a notecard. Next time. I found the notecard and then the desk cleaning sorta "stopped." I will continue. I have the little space heater running to heat up the sewing room so I can put the finishing touches on my snowflake pajama pants... I really wish I had matching rick rack that was WIDE for the bottom hem. I have some really small stuff.... I don't know if I feel like even putting that or ribbon on because it's so narrow.

Well, best get hemming, or Ardyn will be getting UP from her nap instead of just starting it.
More soon.

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