Saturday, December 27, 2008

So. Sleepy.

Could it BE any foggier? the answer is no. And the really strange thing is that this is the very first time I have ever witnessed "blowing fog." It's the most bizarre thing. Our recent long long cold snap has ended, and today it was in the 40's with snow melting everywhere and fog creeping in all afternoon. Then tonight after dark the wind picked up to gusty 20-30mph and the fog started blowing. So strange. We are supposed to have thunderstorms after midnight (which it is 12:15am now) and also get 1-2 inches of rain tomorrow (well, today) with a high of 55 degrees! Seriously? That's strange. And they are calling for all kinds of localized flash flooding, because all the storm drains and ditches are still either frozen or completely blocked by snow and ice, and the rivers and such are frozen, so when they start to break loose they see the potential for problems.

Ardyn and I were going to attempt a trip to target tonight, to check out the Christmas Clearance. I wanted to get some curly ribbon on clearance and just plain look around to entertain myself. I also wanted to get a few more clear itso containers to help organize her new toys and her kitchen. I took measurements of a few shelves and we were off. No one would go with us because of the fog. First we decided to grab some supper at McDonald's (they had a new My Little Pony toy this week that we don't have yet) and then take the interstate to the Target (which is about 35 minutes from us) and the interstate was so hard to see on, that I turned around at the next exit and took a highway back. It was bad. So we went to Wal-Mart instead, which you all know I have been banning. I have only been there twice since December 5th, and both times were to get Rice Milk for Ardyn. I got about $26 of stuff that was on clearance, including a fully baked gingerbread house kit that you assemble with the enclosed icing and all the candy is also inside (it was $5) and three rolls of assorted curly ribbon for $1 each, and some printed tissue paper for $1.50, and some Christmas Candy (covered pretzels) and a Martha Stewart Acrylix Stamp Set for $4 (that had both gingerbread men AND peppermint candies, which I had been looking for prior to Christmas) and then I got two Martha Stewart Puppet Kits (Santa and rudolph) for $1.50 each to make next year. We also got a set of Wilton mini-cookie cutters with 6 packs of sprinkles... for about $4.

I used a bit of christmas money that I received to buy myself a watch. I haven't owned a watch since the late 80's, and I recall distinctly that it was a bracelet watch with about 7 different snap on plastic rings that went around the face to match each outfit. Classy. I have been so confused lately when it comes to which day of the week it is. I know it sounds horrible, but when you are at home, it can get confusing! And the date... don't ever ask ME the date. I can't write a check to save my life because I don't even get the year right. It's preggo brain to the extreme. So this watch has both the DAY and the DATE right on the face. It's silver, and has a fitted bracelet type band that looks like a stretchy band. It is all silver with Austrian Crystals at each "number" location, and a mother of pearl face. It's really pretty, but practical and I can wear it with pretty much anything. That's a major deal for me. I adore the new bronze looking watches, but I can't make myself wear it with black. And I can't wear it with silver jewelry or I am annoyed. So I wanted something I can hopefully wear everyday, as long as I can remember to put it on. It was cheap. Plus it's water resistant, which is cool with little kids. Here's a pic:
New Watch

What she can accomplish in 2 hours:
When Ardyn went to bed

What I can accomplish in 30 minutes after she goes to bed:
After Ardyn went to bed

Animal overflow:
Animal Heaven

Tonight after we finally got home Ardyn started playing in her bedroom and I checked facebook. I put her to bed around 11pm, and then spent 30 minutes cleaning up her room. Then I started washing diapers and picked up the floor of the sewing room, and swept it. I hadn't done that in months, and with the threat of flooding and standing water everywhere, I wanted to make sure all toys, sewing machine cords and footfeeds, and whatever else was up off the floor just in case.

And now, It's almost 12:40. Last night I slept like a freaking rock. I was SO tired and SO happy to be in my bed. When Ardyn woke up just around 10 this morning, I was grateful that we all slept that long (we were so tired!) but also begging her to sleep longer. Then this afternoon I thought that I would take a nap when she did, but her nap lasted about 20 minutes and she woke up crying with a low-grade fever. I stripped her down and cuddled her in a blanket and sang to her and she eventually seemed happier. I think it was molar related. She has all 4 in right now but one isn't as far in as the rest, and she was gnawing on her finger pretty good this afternoon on that side.

So, I didn't get a nap, and I am still going.... but I think it's time to give into sleep. Ahhhh.... Sleep tight everyone!

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