Monday, December 08, 2008


Don't you just hate bill collectors? Ugh. I still have some of my hospital bill from the Beebs to pay for, and they have been calling and I just know that they aren't going to like my answer of "I don't have a job. I don't have income. Talk to my husband." And seriously, it frustrates me, because after working there, I know how much they write off for medicare and medicaid and I also know that my insurance paid for 90-100% of everything from delivery to hospital stay, and I made payments from each paycheck while I was working there (for 6 months after my daughter's birth) so the last $2000 is really just an annoyance for me, because without income, $2000 is alot of cash to just write a check for. It's interesting because they like to escalate the phone tree on me, and have someone "bigger" and "higher" up call me as though this will spur me into check writing action.

I am tempted to call them back and explain that I don't have income, and that they need to make my husband the guarantor on all my bills, but of course they wouldn't listen to me anyway. They'd just launch into their bill collector thing about how I am legally obligated, blah blah blah. and I would eventually get stressed out and have high blood pressure until I have to tune them out because that's what you do when you don't have $2000. I might have to deliver this next one at home since I won't have the bill paid yet from the first one.

So Ardyn just fell asleep on the floor in her playroom. I wanted to put her down, but my mom was here and she commented that "Ardyn didn't want to take a nap while grandma was here" and that she could "Take a nap when grandma leaves" and I wanted to put her down but thought, okay, whatever, and 5 minutes later she's asleep on the floor. Poor kid. Mom knows best. That's the bottom line.

I have had some newborn fluff arrive today, a bunch of used diapers that I got from Diaperswappers. They are very nice and it's exciting. I have two more t-shirts hand embroidered and I am thinking of going to the basement and tie-dyeing a couple.... But I don't think Ardyn will sleep long enough for me to get it fully accomplished and so I might just wait until she is "gone" someday with grandma. Windows are FINALLY scheduled to be installed the end of this week. Thank god. I am not thrilled about the fact that we have to take down all our blinds, shades, and curtains... especially considering that all the blind and shade mounting brackets have to be taken down also. Ugh. I know that Evan will do the work, but I will have to hear him bitch and whine about it for days, so that's no fun for anyone.

Maybe the bill collection people read my blog and they are like "She's buying diapers! She has money! Pay your bill" but I have to say, how many people do you know who are willing to buy cloth diapers and go through all the work to use and wash them, because they are trying to save money and be environmentally responsible? And how many of THOSE people are buying USED cloth diapers? Hmmm? That's right. And when I spend my birthday money on cloth diapers, you know, I am rolling in the dough. It would be SO much cheaper to spend $20 a week on disposable ones. R--ii---ght. That is the best answer I suppose. So for all you bill collecting stalkers, no I don't have $$ to burn.

I find myself incredibly lucky that before I was a SAHM, I considered it important to purchase and stock up on not only diapers for Ardyn until she is potty trained, but half of what I would need to CD a newborn (even though I wasn't pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, nor sure how easy it would be to ever get pregnant again.) And also how lucky I am that I have lots of craft supplies, fabric, embroidery patterns and floss, and a sewing machine that entertains me and allows me to make cute things for my children to wear and play with when money is tight. You know alot of other moms who handsew fleece cookies and aprons from dishtowels that they bought last February to give to their children for Christmas? They are out there... all over the internet... but in person they aren't hard to find. It's one of the luxuries and sometimes downfalls of staying home. Funds are tight. You use $2 shampoo instead of $20 shampoo. You don't shave much because razor blades are a ripoff. You dye your own hair out of a box from Wal-mart instead of spending $90 twice a year for fabulous foil highlights. You don't get pedicures, manicures, or new clothes... and in fact you spend many of your days in lounge or pajama pants. A blessing and a curse. Depends on how you look at it. I se it as a blessing. There is nothing, not even a bill collector, that can make me wish I was working right now and missing my kids growing and changing. That's my decision.

Okay, done with that rant.

What else to talk about? My endless cold? naw. The dipers that I should be putting in the dryer? The dishes that I should be loading into the dishwasher. Ack. guess I had better do those things while the beebs is napping.

Take care.

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