Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's been another long day. I have felt a little better, but Ardyn spent half the day in misery and the second half being much like herself. She was so upset with everything after she woke up for the day, she wanted to be held constantly and comforted and she didnt want you to leave her side and I could just tell she wasn't feeling well. After a night of holding her so she would sleep (totally unlike her) I really wanted to NOT be holding her. I needed to wash diapers so Evan took her into our room and sat with her, and when I came back up from starting my load, she was crashed out. He was wide awake and not really wanting to sleep, but he couldn't move without her waking and getting upset again, so he lay there with her for almost THREE HOURS while she slept. She had only been awake for about two, but that will tell you how tired she was. While she was sleeping, I did lots of laundry, finished the embroidery of the carrot t-shirt for Marek, and watched an episode of the Girls Next Door and John and Kate Plus 8. I ate my two hostess cupcakes that I had stashed. I picked up the nursery and reorganized a few drawers, and some diapers, and hung up clothes, and pulled out too small things to pack away.

I have lots to do tomorrow, so I REALLY hope that Ardyn sleeps through the night tonight and that I am able to sleep too. I would love to take a Tylenol PM, but if she doesn't sleep and is still not feeling well, that would be hell to function while sick AND on Tylenol PM.

I am so excited that the windows will be here Friday morning! I really hope they get them all installed in one day as promised, because we can not be in this house all weekend with no blinds or curtains on any windows and all that cold air seeping in with nothing to block it out.

I am making ramen noodles and doing laundry. I put Ardyn to bed early (10:15pm, ha ha) so that I could get some things done and she can get some rest and hopefully feel better sooner.

Last week I decided to wash my bathtub mat in the washing machine. It came out sparkling. So tonight I washed all of Ardyn's plastic pocket bibs in the washing machine with my load of towels and dishcloths, and they came out wonderfully and very clean. I am going to keep doing this. If specific bibs don't last the wash, then I will just get more of the ones that do. I am so sick of handwashing plastic bibs and picking food out of the pockets that I just give up. I realized tonight that with another one on the way already, I will never have a break from the damn things. I do love the bibs that have pockets that unsnap, but I don't love that you can only get one for the price that you can get 3-4 other bibs in a pack. I have one of those, and it is my favorite. But I also like the ones that are like a kitchen towel with a hole in the neck. Those are great to just toss in the wash and they work well for Ardyn now that she isn't a pureed mess.

It's time for me to hang some laundry and wind down for some sleep. Have a great night, and tomorrow.


Kelly Deneen said...

I am a big fan of putting plastic pocket bibs in the washing machine. Much easier than washing them by hand!

Amanda in RI said...

I noticed that you've named your baby boy Marek. I've never heard the name before--do you mind me asking how you chose it, and what it means?


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