Sunday, December 14, 2008

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How was everyone's weekend? Filled with mad shopping excursions? I was thrilled that Evan found Ardyn's Christmas Eve outfit in the van yesterday. He also brought her kitchen in and assembled it. It took FOUR HOURS because of all the small pieces. You can see pics on flickr.

I connected with a mamma on Diaperswappers and swapped my small girly pocket diapers (that I obviously won't need with a boy) for some gender neutral AIO's. It was a great swap and just happened to be pretty amazing that we connected. I love things like that. It's such a good feeling to swap with someone else. It gives you that satisfied feeling of helping each other out, and also of recycling things that are already doing so much good for the environment. I love the cloth diapering community. There are so many supportive people out there to meet.

Ardyn is in bed tonight and I am listening to the sleet bounce off the windows. It has just rained on and off the past two days and erased all our snow, and tonight it has been sleeting and snowing, and the ground is just barely covered right now. We had a pretty relaxed day, and we snuggled in bed together watching TV most of the morning. I have been having Braxton Hicks Contractions.... got my first one yesterday and then started having them regularly in the afternoon. Then they stopped until this morning, and so I lay in bed and we rested. We are all still pretty "snotty" and need our rest. This was evident by the fact that Ardyn took a 3 hour nap this evening and I had to wake her up from it for fear she would be up all night. She was not pleased at being woke up, in fact, she was downright upset. Even the sight of a bubble bath waiting for us (I ran the bath before waking her) didn't cheer her up. She just wanted to cuddle with me and go back to sleep. We did have a nice bath though. She is really getting into putting her mouth and nose underwater. Not sure what suddenly gave her that confidence, but she is always holding her breath and putting her lower face in and then coming up a few seconds later with a big gasp.

The baby has been super active and it's hard for me to believe that I am closing in on the third trimester now. It really hit me the other day when the midwife in training said that at my next appointment I would be having bloodwork and then coming every two weeks. Is it that time already? I am still going through baby clothes, washing, putting away. I stain treated all the clothes that I brought out that had re-appearing breastmilk stains, and the stains lightened. My mom is going to try a product that she has at her house, to see if it will remove the stains. She said it removed grease stains that were on sweatshirts that had been in her closet for years. I am anxious to see if it works. While I have still had much of the energy I did before pregnancy, being sick has made me more tired and lazy. I am hoping that I am just about better, and that there are Gingerbread cookies in our future.

I am washing diapers and waiting for Evan to get home. He is on the road and I am making myself focus on things so I don't worry about him with the sleet. He said he is only going about 30 mph so it might be a while. In fact, let me run down and put soap in the diaper load... Be right back.

Okay. I really just want to go snuggle in bed and play solitaire for a while. I have really mastered the three games that I have for Nintendo DS. But I can't give up Touchmaster. It's so addictive. But the brain power that it uses is a good thing, especially for someone dealing with Placenta brain. I think I will trade in my two games and get two other used games. I bought these used, and so I don't know how much they will give me for them at Game Stop, but I don't play them so even If I trade in two and only get one, it's better than having them sitting there looking at me. I borrowed a Super Mario game from a friend, and it drives me NUTS because there is this bouncy mushroom world that I hate and I always die in, and every time I get past it, and go on to the next level, when I decide to quit and go to sleep, it takes me BACK to the bouncy mushroom level even though I already BEAT it. I hate that game. I almost never play it, because of those damn bouncy mushrooms.

I've been called for Jury Duty. It's the first time since I turned 18 and registered to vote, so I am excited instead of annoyed. But since there isn't much action in this small town area, I doubt there will be an actual need for a Jury. But if there is, I will be there. I just hope it isn't something long and drawn out... but something short and sweet. I'd love to be able to use the line "You know I can't talk about the case..." LOL.

Well, my feet are cold, the baby is kicking me constantly, and I feel hungry... so I am going to grab a snack and head for some solitaire in bed. Everyone take care and hopefully you are able to relax and prepare for your holidays. I am really looking forward to spending time with family this Christmas. Our first gathering is this coming Sunday. Sleep tight!

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