Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Review of Outlet Cover & Cord Shortener

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Great idea! This clever outlet cover lets you childproof wall outlets that are in use, while hiding up to 4 ft. of loose, tempting electrical cords (2 cords maximum). Simply remove the existing faceplate, screw in the safety plate, wind the cord, and snap on the tamper-resistant lid. 2 per pack.

We have Five of these Installed. GREAT!

By dazed81 from Illinois on 12/30/2008

4out of 5

Gift: No

Pros: Useful Application, Strong Construction

Best Uses: Toddlers, Bedrooms, Living Room, Infants, Accident Prevention, Crawlers

Describe Yourself: Pregnant with number 2, Mom of a toddler

We purchased just enough of these to install them in the nursery when our daughter started to get cord curious as a crawler. These prevent her from unplugging, which is a BIG issue now as a toddler. How annoying is it to put her down for a nap only to realize later that she unplugged the monitor? Or to change a diaper to realize she unplugged the wipes warmer? These are a lifesaver. We now use one in her "big girl room" to keep her from unplugging the fish filter so that she doesn't kill her goldfish and leave them gasping for air circulation.

They are SUPER simple to install. I have only two downfalls. AC Adapters don't fit well into them, which is the issue we had with our baby monitors. My husband used side cutters to trim the plastic to allow clearance for the adapter under the cover of the outlet protector. It works fine now.

My other downside is that these are not really to be designed to use on outlets that will be used frequently. This is more of a device that would be useful for things that are to remain plugged in. They are a BIT difficult to remove. I have to sit down on the floor and use both hands to remove the cover. The more cord you have wrapped, the harder it is to remove the cover. I do not suggest these for use in areas where you will be plugging and unplugging items, especially like vacuums, etc.

They don't really wrap up much cord at all, otherwise the cord will either be pinched and cause a fire hazard, or the cover won't fit on. So although they are advertised as a cord shortener, don't count on them shortening much cord!

these were worth every penny.


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