Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Newborn Fluff n Stuff

Today was an okay day. I had an appointment with my midwife, which was short and uneventful, except for the preceding events.

We woke up at 8am (not our style) to Ardyn crying and having a fever that I just knew was coming for about 3 days. Poor Evan stumbled around and got the childproof Motrin out of it's package, and accurately measured her dose while half-asleep while I tried to relax and hush her while trying to find the remote to turn on some Little Einstiens because I knew that it would tell us in about 2 seconds how bad it "really" was. If Einstein's comes on and she stops crying instantly, you know that she will live. If not, probably consider a trip to the ER. So she got her Motrin, stopped crying, and then settled into snuggle in bed with me and watch TV for another 3 hours while I drifted in and out of sleep. When I finally was somewhat able to breathe and function, I realized that she had gotten so wet that she leaked through her diaper, her pajamas, the comforter, blanket, top and bottom sheet, and right onto the mattress protector. Ack. So I gor her cleaned up and dressed and eating cheerios on our stripped bed while I took a shower and dressed and then we made some lunch and went out in the snow to head for the Dr. Visit.

She took a nap just before we left, a very short nap that lasted until 2pm when her Motrin wore off and I knew that we had to leave to make it to my appointment. I woke her with motrin already measured which was good because her hair was already plastered to her forehead with sweat and she was starting to burn up again.

She made it through the whole rest of the day without Motrin but by 11pm she was getting ready for bed, getting hot again, and got her last dose of the day which I hope lasts her through the night.

This evening we were laying on the couch together surrounded by used kleenex, the remote, the telephone, and the giant mug of orange juice we were sharing (Vitamin C at the suggestion of the midwife) and she fell asleep all snuggled in with me. I really wanted to just stay right there and nap with her, but I decided to put her in her toddler bed for a trial nap and to start washing our bedding (oops hold that thought while I go check the dryer)

Okay- so I was able to cram the King sized Down Comforter into the washer (barely) and not throw out my back getting it out again (juuuuust barely) and it's almost dry... and then I washed the blanket (dry) and the mattress pad (drying) and the sheets are in the wash right now. It's 12am, so that puts me to sleep in a made bed somewhere around 2am I predict.

As I put Ardyn in the toddler bed, she went to sleep like she had been there her whole life. Then I proceeded to try to accomplish something, and after starting the laundry, I was upstairs and the power. Went out. Ack. And I stupidly sat there because it was REALLY dark. Really. And I waited. No power. So I grabbed the nearby cell phone and used it to light my way to the nearest flashlight which I used to light my way to the basement where my drawers of candles are. And then I carried a giant cardboard box of pillar candles up and started lighting them all over. And of course in the middle of this, Ardyn wakes up. In the complete Dark. And so I get her up and she sits on the couch in the candlelight and I give her a flashlight to play with. She was totally cool with it, but said "Oh No!" and "Where Go?" a few thousand times. Eventually I got everything well illuminated and we sat down to wait. My cell phone went dead the moment I connected with Evan and I thought he would be coming to rescue us soon. We just waited, and in about an hour the power came back on. See the picture of Ardyn holding a candlelight vigil from her spot on the couch?
Tonight I got a little inspired to make my own soap. All Natural with essential oils for fragrances. I haven't of course, got all the supplies around to make my own soap, but I was reading online that making your own organic soap can be as cheap as $0.75 per bar. And I did some investigating and found the place where I would buy supplies if I had $30 to my name right now... but being in a financial pinch and having Christmas coming up.... where even if someone does't require a gift, they certainlg require that you bring an appetizer ($$ ingredients$$) and perhaps yourself ($$ gas money $$) and maybe that you look nice ($$ new sweater $$) and hopefully they got your Christmas Card ($$) and overall it just can be draining.

Tomorrow I NEED to order a BIG 48 pound bucket of Oxyboost because I am out and I need to wash diapers (once I get all the bedding out of the washer and dryer) and that's about $116 plus $16 shipping. But it's a necessity. And 8 months worth of Oxyboost costs less than 1-2 months worth of sposie diapers, so, not really a big deal.

I am hoping to feel A) better tomorrow and B) Ambitious tomorrow so that we can turn the ingredients we have looking at us into Gingerbread Men. But I want Ardyn and I to both feel well enough to enjoy it.
Gingerbread men are coming....

Last night we spent some time in the sewing room and I did some organizing. It was a mess down there (still is) but it is now a lot closer to becoming organized enough to work. I put all my fabric back in it's categorized drawers, and took inventory of my fabulous soft diaper fabrics with the intentions of making my postpartum mamma pads. I have my proto-type completed, but I want to make them with the more expensive fabric remnants that I have left, like Microfleece, Microfiber, and Organic Sherpa Fleece. I cut 5 toppers of Organic Sherpa and started to trace and cut out Microfiber inners. Ardyn wanted to help, so I gave her one of my tracing markers to hold and she mimicked me in the air as I traced around my cardboard pattern piece, and then she sat on my lap and remarked "sharp" over and over again as I cut them out with one hand while holding her with the other. I also put snaps on twelve winged pantyliners with four layers of pretty pink flannel each. That brings my pantyliner total to 15, which should be SO nice to have in the postpartum era. Now I just need to get crackin on the postpartum mamma pads. I would KILL (okay, figuratively speaking) to have some OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour) to get toppers made for my pads, but besides being expensive, it's hard to obtain and according to sources, even harder to actually GET to your house. That's what the innsers of all Goodmama diapers are made of, and I keep hearing how wonderful it is to have on your num whether you are a mamma or a baby. And what postpartum mamma doesn't deserve the best on her bottom? Especially when the bottom feels like it has fallen out? Well, I have till April, so a miracle could still happen I suppose.

Almost all of the newborn diapers are here, I am still waiting on a dozen fitteds, 4 covers, and a swim diaper, swim trunks, and water shoes. Lets show off some pics so far, shall we? These are just the Newborn/XS Size, not the smalls (which are still packed away and will fit at around 10-12 pounds)

20 Preemie Prefolds: (I dyed the ones on the right myself, the left 8 are Thirsties color prefolds)
Expanding Newborn Stash

23 Newborn Fitteds and 2 Bum Genius XS AIO's:
Expanding Newborn Stash

Embroidered T-shirts, Charcoal Wool Longies, 2 Newborn Diaper and Shirt sets: (notice the puckered lemon is a new t-shirt that I embroidered. I am working on a yucky carrot shirt right now.)
Newborn t-shirts and diapers/longies

10 Thirsties Diaper Covers- Building my rainbow :)
Building my rainbow (XS Thirsties covers for Marek)

2 Side Snapping Newborn Shirts I just tie-dyed for the baby:
Tie-Dyeing Newborn Shirts for Marek

Maternity shirt I did for me:
Tie-Dyeing- Maternity shirt for myself

Shirt and socks I did for Ardyn:
Tie-Dyeing-Shirt for ArdynTie-Dyeing Socks for Ardyn

So there's plenty going on around here. Tonight Evan made a delicious breakfast for supper, bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns, orange juice. It was delicious. Ardyn put away 2 strips of bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, and a half-piece of toast by herself! But she didn't eat well earlier in the day due to not feeling well, so I guess that's a good thing.

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