Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Petitioning for Rice Dream in Larger Containers

I have recently had three completely infuriating experiences at Wal-Mart. This has led me to get serious about my quest to do my shopping elsewhere.

I have been doing research tonight on purchasing Ardyn's Rice Milk online for hopefully a lower price (or comparable) in bulk. I started with Amazon because they generally have an awesome grocery selection AND Free super saver shipping. What I found wasn't at all what I expected. They carry Rice Dream in only 8 ounce containers (Single serving size, similar to a juice box) and the manufacturer also provides a 32 and 64 ounce carton. The bigger the carton, the lower the price, and the less packaging waste. (although I recycle the cardboard anyway.)

Well, the 8 ounce containers add up to 216 ounces in the case of 27, but the price makes it about $0.16 an ounce via amazon. This doesn't even begin to compare with the $.05 an ounce price at Wal-Mart (evil) and that doesn't even consider the excess waste that those tiny containers would cause at our house. I checked google and found that the Rice Dreams website (manufacturer) sells only the 32 ounce and 8 ounce sizes, and buying a case of 12- 32 ounce boxes would cost me $.10 an ounce without shipping costs- that's double the Wal-Mart price.

I am frustrated by this. I have called amazon and they have suggested that I leave a product review (which I was already halfway through doing) and that each review is read and the more people request a product, the better chance that it would become available. I am not holding my breath, but it's worth the try. Hence the title of this blog posting, because you wouldn't BELIEVE what companies google about themselves. Seriously. So onward with amazon selling a larger container of Rice Dream.

In the meantime, I have called a smaller local grocery chain (where I will forever more be doing the majority of my grocery shopping to avoid Wal-Mart) and while they don't carry it in stock, they have offered to check their supplier and order it for me by the case. Tomorrow morning I need to call the man in charge of ordering groceries and see if he can get it for me. So even if I don't get a price break by purchasing it by the case, I wouldn't have to haul the damn cartons home every week and I wouldn't have to buy it at Wal-Mart. Pure Satisfaction. Right now she drinks about a 32 ounce container a day (yep) and that adds up to 3.5 half- gallon cartons a week. So depending on how much comes in a case, we would be using about 14 cartons (or 7 gallons) a month!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the company that produces the milk will find you a solution, when You explain to them about your daughter needs.
I do agree with you about wal-mart, we do even the IMPOSIBLE to get our shopping somewhere else then wal-mart. I even believe they have a big share in the bad economy. Wal-mart did kill many good business, and they really dont offer great benefits.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I can understand how frustrating that is. We give our little ones a protein supplement because of weight issues and have had a devil of a time getting our hands on it. I hope you find an ordering alternative.

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