Monday, December 08, 2008

Down with the sickness....

okay. Maybe not down. But I am sick. Welcome to day three of "I can't breathe yet snot is running down my very raw throat."

Saturday was my grandma's 80th Birthday party lunch. I survived despite the sickness (day 1) and there are Flickr photos to prove it.

Sunday I just lay low around home, stuck my butt to the couch with lots of hot tea, kleenex, cough drops, cookies, and my embroidery basket, which resulted in three new baby t's for Marek (that's his name.) and here they are:
Last night Ardyn's teeth went into her bottom lip when she hit her chin on the bathroom sink while getting ready to brush. We had a blood and screamfest and then once it stopped bothering her she ate Tacos and Oranges, so it must not be too bad. Although she is avoiding ketchup today. She has a serious loss of coordination going on as she has fallen down (stupidly) several times today... so we are keeping our eyes on her. This morning she spent an hour in the rocking chair with me, while I sang to her, and she cuddled. Unlike her so I wonder if she might be coming down with *something* herself.

That's all for now but we will keep you posted. Fat lip pictures will be on Flickr soon.

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