Saturday, December 27, 2008

What day is it? Oh yes, Saturday.

I have decided to blog since Ardyn is watching some TV before bed while picking the toe jam out from between her toes (which are clean, but it's the whole "sock fuzz" issue.)

Today Ardyn slept till 12:30pm! She was so exhausted from Christmases! This afternoon we went to Target finally. Evan and Ardyn and I. We also ate lunch at Jimmy John's and went to Hobby Lobby and the Mall- I turned in three of my Nintendo DS Games that I am not playing anymore and exchanged for one new game. Evan got me my own DS Lite for Christmas (It's pink) and so I will be trying out Touchmaster II on it tonight. I am a Touchmaster Addict and play the first version every single night before bed, to wind down, exercise my brain, and pretty much exhaust myself. It works wonderfully.

Some new Room Decor
At Hobby Lobby we got a few CHEAP paper lanterns and some sparkly flowers and a butterfly, and I made a paper lantern decoration for above Ardyn's bed in the big girl room. The walls and ceiling are just fresh white in there, so I felt it needed some color up high, and something to look at while lying in bed. They were DIRT CHEAP and it turned out really cute!
Some new Room Decor

Tonight we are pretty much at home doing nothing. I washed diapers last night and dried them while Ardyn was sleeping late, and while the thunderstorms came through and the basement slowly let the flood waters in. I will fold the diapers and put them away after she goes to bed tonight, but I don't look forward to wading through the basement. Luckily the laundry room is higher than the rest of the basement, and is right at the bottom of the steps off a landing, so hopefully it hasn't gotten too much water. Hopefully.

At Target we got two Christmas outfits (casual) for Ardyn for next year. REALLY Cheap. Insanely Cheap. Someone out there has to explain to me if there is a real difference in the size of 24 months and 2T clothes. It boggles my mind. I also got two Christmas Countdown placemats on clearance, where you turn the placemat and the numbers change to countdown until Santa arrives. Super cute.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Evan's parents. It's been rumored that there are more gifts for Ardyn there. Which I will also have to find a home for. I am totally grateful, but we are starting to reach max toy capacity! I am hoping that people will ask me what she needs for the next gift giving season, so we can get clothes and shoes in the next size instead of more toys :)

Today I participated in the Facebook Protest put on by MILC (Mother's International Lactation Campaign.) I am still wondering how many people actually participated. There were over 10 thousand already signed up as definate participants, and over 2500 maybe's... and there was actually a live nurse-in held at the facebook offices.

I don't have much exciting to say except that I look forward to sleep tonight!

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Kelly Anne said...

Oh, man please let me know if you figure out the difference bewteen 2T and 24 month clothes!

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