Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cranberry Snowfall Chocolate Bark

Today was an awesome day. It really was. We were all able to sleep in (which was great) and Evan was home until late afternoon as he is still recovering from the cold that we have all had. Ardyn and I still have the snotty nose, stuffed up, drainage thing going, and it's been 10 days for me and 7 days for her. But that is at least tolerable. Tonight we did some saline and suction on her and she now thinks that the nasal bulb from the hospital is FANTASTIC and hilarious. She giggles hysterically when we use it on her. Nice change from two people holding her down like it was last cold season. LOL.

Ardyn and Evan stayed in because it was COLD and snowing, and I ran to town to complete my long list of errands. I had diapers to mail as part of the swap I did with another mamma on Diaperswappers. I had banking to do, mail to grab at the Post Office, Library books to return, a prescription to pick up, and the prints that our family Ordered from Ardyn's 1 year photo shoot were in at the photographers, so I met with her, handed her all their checks, and picked up the pics to be distributed to the family. I had all that accomplished at was home again by 1:30.... despite the crappy weather and the neverending icing up of my windshield wipers. I am used to my car, which had all-weather, ice-free wipers that I had bought, and now the van has crappy ones, and I hate them. But Evan insists that EVERYONE had issues with their wipers today, even him with his expensive all weather ones. Ugh. I only HALF believe him. And with all-weather wipers on sale- Buy 1 get one free right now at O'Reilley Auto Parts, I am yearning to have all weather ones to test out for myself.

This afternoon I cleaned the kitchen YET AGAIN from our dishes from supper last night and all the dishes from making Gingerbread Men. I had to do the unload and reload of the dishwasher (which happens at least once a day) and cleaned off some stoneware, and hand washed some baking stuff that won't fit in the dishwasher, and then Ardyn and I took a late afternoon nap, which I thought I didn't need, but apparently I REALLY did. We woke up and Evan got back from helping plow out his grandparents and he shoveled our back walk.... we got about 5 inches of snow today... and they are calling for more to come... so it really (hopefully) will be a white Christmas here for real, and not just that dusting that we always seem to get. We will see!

Making "Cranberry Snowfall Chocolate Bark"

Evan made supper and we had "breakfast" which is one of our favorite suppers. Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Hash Browns, Banana, Orange Juice. I made a "mamma mimosa" with 7-up and OJ (man I miss Mimosas. It's been a LONG time.) and Evan taunted me with his runny over-easy eggs while Ardyn and I shared the safer scrambled versions. It was really delicious and after cleaning up the mess from yet ANOTHER meal, Ardyn and I gathered in the kitchen and made "Cranberry Snowfall Almond Bark" - which is white chocolate, Orange Flavored Cranberries, Orange Zest, and Walnuts. YUM. It was DELICIOUS and it's super easy to make. Ardyn had fun.

Making "Cranberry Snowfall Chocolate Bark"

She has a new fetish with loud things like power tools. Every time she hears a power tool she gets excited and makes an "ooooooooooooooh" face. When the food processor started going, her "power tool" face came out, like "this is a power tool for girls!" She didn't make that face with the Kitchen Aid Mixer when we made gingerbread cookies, I guess it wasn't quite loud enough... or maybe it just didn't sound destructive enough.

Making "Cranberry Snowfall Chocolate Bark"

We watched most of "Horton Hears a Who" today. Evan watched the whole thing earlier but I needed a nap and so did Ardyn. I hope to watch the rest of it here in a bit while cozied up in bed. It's REALLY Cute and definitely one of those "we would love to own that!" movies.

WIP: Postpartum Mamma Pads

I cut out more postpartum pad pieces and Ardyn watched a holiday episode of Blues Clues. She is really into Christmas and Winter things now, she can recognize "Snow" and "Tree" which is always "Pretty Tree!" and she likes to see things about snowmen and sledding. Hoping this week to get her to see Santa but they are calling for more snow AND Freezing rain, so we will see if it's this week or next. Or at this rate NEXT YEAR!

Last night I wrapped 6 bars of soap, and will give them away to those who will appreciate them at the family gathering this Saturday. We have a giant tupperware of gingerbread men to decorate tomorrow, and weather pending might visit my mom and get a few crafty Christmas things done in the scrapbook room. At the end of the week we have a visitation for a family member of Evan's who was very ill and passed away just recently, it was of course both incredibly sad and a blessing that she isn't suffering anymore. It breaks my heart to think of her grandchildren, who are young and were very close to her.

Well, that about sums it up. Tonight I took Ardyn with me for the "clean-up" time in her big girl room just before putting her to bed. Usually it's quite impossible to clean when she is there, because as soon as she sees you putting something away, that is the EXACT something that she wants back out RIGHT NOW. Well, tonight we incorporated the cleanup song, and she sat on my lap while I cleaned, and watched. If she tried to get into it I would just redirect her and start the song again, and let her watch and not destroy. I also was able to ask her to go get some puzzle pieces across the room and she got the "screwdriver" and brought it back to me so I could put it back in the puzzle. That was a big step! She was consciously picking up and participating! She seemed to get the concept of what was going on and I actually feel like we made some progress towards *someday* having her help and take responsibility to clean up with us, and eventually on her own. I think I will continue with the clean up song, and trying to do this together, or at least have her watch and get the concept of putting toys away each night. It can't hurt!

Everyone have a nice night, stay warm, and be safe driving if you have weather like us! I'm off to see what happens to the Who's and Horton.

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